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Resupply Transport Times

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15 December, 2016, 9:25 PM UTC

Resupply times seem to be off for what they should be. Im aware that there is a tech to increase the speed of your drones. But I noticed a couple of issues that tech is irrelevant because its me sending the resources. Im not basing times on other players sending resources. Ill explain the story to get to this and then list the 2 separate issues.

When sending resources from the alliance page it shows you how long the transport will take. I assume that if it says 30 mins it should take 30 mins each way. What Ive noticed though was that it sometimes shows me a long time for a player before I send but the actual time is less. But that is not always the case. So player #1 shows it will take 43 mins. But when I actually send the resources the transport time is only like 2 mins and 35 seconds. Huge difference between 43 mins and 2 mins. So at first I thought that the original time before sending was based on the game assuming max time for that distance at the lowest tech level in Resupply Drone Speed and when I sent it, it then looked at my tech level and sent it at the correct speed. But player #2 who also showed say a 58 min transport when I actually send the drone it actually has the transport time as 58 mins. So I looked into the distance of each player thinking maybe one was a lot further. But even that doesn't make sense because why would player #1 show 43 mins and then drop to 2 mins but player #2 showed 58 and dropped no time when actually sent? In the case of the 2 players Im listing one was 21km away from me (the actual 2 min transport) and the other was 29km away (the one that took 58 mins). So that's only 8km difference. Why would the one only 8km further away take 56 minutes longer to get to? So I tested the theory further. I found 2 alliance members who were next to each other. So close that they literally were within like 1km difference in distance. I didn't actual send any resources but I set it up to send it. The first player said it would take like 2-3 minutes. The second player said it would take 39 minutes. How would there be like a 36-37 minute difference between them? And both almost the exact same distance. I then checked some more. I checked the distance of a member who is 811km from me. Before timer says 1 hour. I sent resources and the actual time was 59 minutes. How does it only take 59 minutes to transport to someone 811km away when the original player I was talking about who was only 29km away took 58 minutes?

So does drone speed not only take into account the tech level of the player sending but also the tech level of the player receiving the resources? Is there another tech or building that takes into account the speed of both parties sending and receiving? Does it have to do with the receiving players actual level? Like if theyre level 55 there is a bonus speed for any drones coming to them? You'd think the speed I send resources is set only by my tech level and distance. Not the receiving players tech level. Or is this an actual bug?

The 2 issues listed I believe to be bug related:

1) Why does it show how long it takes to send resources to players but after sending the actual time is way shorter for some players while others show an actual transport time the same as the original time given prior to sending?

2) Why is it when I send to players almost the exact same distance I get HUGE differences in transport times? Like 30-40 minute differences. When the times should be very similar.

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16 December, 2016, 11:58 AM UTC
Hi! Please note that the travel time to your allies is much shorter than to other players. If you suppose it's not the case, please contact our Support team, give them the details and they will try to locate the issue.
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16 December, 2016, 10:55 PM UTC
All these issues are with alliance members. Unless I'm missing something you can't send resources to other players anyway. And I am reporting it. Here. Like it says too. 
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19 December, 2016, 7:25 AM UTC

Hi, friend.

We can help only with advise.

Only Support team is in charge of fixing all bugs and making inventions.

So please, follow your request in ticket to Support team.

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