RFS is recruiting now

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31 May, 2017, 1:56 PM UTC

Recon for sale (RFS) is currently looking for new or experienced players to join our team. We are rank 580 with a level 5 HQ. Structured and intelligent members are already here to have your back and to guide you in the right direction. Alliance spoken language is English, however we have attempted to work with players that are still active that speak other languages. Our rules are as follows.

1) no attacking members of an alliance that are above us in rank without prior approval from a general unless they attack you first. If they attack you, please send screen shots via line to the group chat

2) Disrespect will not be tolerated whether that is on RC, GC, or AC. Disrespect will get you booted and burnt immediately.

3) When your 7-day probation is over you will be required to put at least 5K defence power into our HQ as well as scouts.

4) We use line to communicate better and share screen shots. Line is only mandatory for captain and above but it is strongly recommended.

5) you will be required to choose a following division. If you don’t you will not be moved above the private rank.

When you join a division, you will be required to do what the general asks and you may be given a role in the division to do.

If you are interested, contact me in game, on the forums, or on LINE at defend12. I will happily let anyone join that contacts me.


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