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Today's topic: Buildings.

Today's topic: Buildings.

Strela AlphaCharacter
Mar 9, 2017, 09:3803/09/17

Today's topic: Buildings.

Your game, explained! Today's topic: Buildings.

Buildings play an important role in the Management of your Base. Without certain Buildings, a number of key game features will be unavailable to you.

Some of the Buildings in your Base are pre-built. Others must be selected from the Construction menu, which can be accessed by tapping on an empty building lot in your Base, or from the Action Panel, “Construction” tab.

Upgrading Buildings will increase their effectiveness. You can see the full Upgrade statistics for any Building by tapping on it from your Base screen, “Info” tab, then tapping on "Full Upgrade Stats".

You will need Resources to upgrade Buildings. For certain higher Level Buildings, you will also need Building Modules.

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