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First Day Survival Guide!

First Day Survival Guide!

Nov 17, 2016, 10:1411/17/16

First Day Survival Guide!

Check out some pro tips for your first day and learn how you can help us improve!

Thanks for being one of the first brave players of the Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare Beta!

Here are some inside hints for getting the most out of your first few days, and how to reach us if something explodes.


For the first 48 hours you can upgrade or build more than one building at a time. Make the most of it by upgrading these Resource buildings as much as possible:


-Munitions Factories

-Drop Zones

-Supply Depots

-Cold Storage


-PVE Enemies

These are Phoenix Industries AI opponents that won’t attack your base. They can be fought in the Operations accessed through the red Target Icon at your base, or by attacking Black Sites as part of an Alliance.

-PVP Enemies

Are players like you operating all the bases you see on the game map. You can raid them for extra resources, but use your Scouts to check their force strength first or you risk suffering heavy losses. Consider talking to them. You might find a new ally!


You have novice protection for your first three days, but will lose it once you start attacking live players on the map. Be careful who you pick fights with!


At level 29 you’ll have access to the Bunker. This will be your best friend, as it lets you hide your units from enemy attacks. Bunkering your units should be the first thing you do when your units return from a mission, and the last thing you do before ending a game session.


Join an Alliance! Now! (Don’t worry – we’ll wait!)

Alliance Membership is free, and is the single biggest advantage you can have in the game. Alliance gameplay unlocks tons of new abilities and free stuff, and other players will help you develop faster, defend you, and give you valuable tips and training.

It’s also just a great way to play cooperatively with awesome people. Reach out to them in Alliance Chat. You might just meet your new best friend.


General Kim will get you started. After that - you’re playing! If you get lost, follow the recommended mission prompts to build up your forces and discover the game.

Developing your base is just the first step - the REAL game happens on the Map. Go look around, try raiding for resources, and start interacting with other players.

As you reach higher levels and milestones, you’ll also unlock more advanced features of the game and be prompted with new mini-tutorials. We recommend not skipping these – you’re going to need them later.

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