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A greater cause - Tuhanarak

A greater cause - Tuhanarak

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A greater cause - Tuhanarak


The hot desert sand got between Tuhanarak's toes as she walked towards the drying river.

Some children played in the distance, causing her to smile. It pleased her to know her father's people still had a future. Even without a leader, the tribe had managed to thrive in the middle of the Krokhan.

Her fingers reached for the deep-blue vial on her hip to begin the ritual. She would reward their unwavering faithfulness with life once more. 

While the incantations were uttered from her lips, she poured only a drop of the precious liquid into the center of a muddy puddle. 

The vial was placed back on her hip as the ground began to crack and water broke through. She took a step away from the various springs that burst forth.

The children who had been watching her perform her little ritual were now playing in the freshwater.

"Princess, I see you have come out of hiding." The familiar woman's voice washed over her. 

"I was not in hiding. I journeyed to the south to seek the face of Lumaya."

"I suppose your journey reaped no reward as you're back here with nothing but the vial your mother gave you. Surely after having learned your lesson, our tribe can have a Chief once more?"

"Select another. I am not worthy enough to lead my father's people."

She scoffed, "Your humility will be the end of us all. One-by-one, your father's people will leave this land of our ancestors. I'll be leaving this miserable place as well and going beyond. If you want to come with me, you can. I offer my support to two civilized warriors. We will be passing through Ice Golem's peak."

As the footsteps behind her got further away, Tuhanarak thought about it. She didn't want the people of this land lost and scattered simply because she wasn't strong enough to hold them together.

She turned around and called after her childhood friend, "Maeve. I wish to offer my support as well." She jogged towards her. "If I help you with this venture, promise we will come back home. I will be your Chief if you will be my advisor."

The two journeyed with the warriors towards their destination. Crossing the sea to get to their destination. The journey had taken them days perhaps weeks, and still, they journeyed.

They battled their way through an array of foes before reaching the passageway to the beyond, where various soldiers fought to go to Tilshire.

The Ice Golem himself and his two minions stepped out of their cave. In the heat of battle, Maeve took aim at one of the underlings and muttered under her breath, "Never shall you rise again."

One of the other members of the party dealt a heavy shower from the heavens on their two remaining foes.

The Golem Klyssus, angered by their actions, hit the ground with his weapon. And ice burst from the ground, freezing them.

Then Tuhanarak knew no more.


"Awaken warrior. Awaken, take up arms and fight for a greater cause." Tuhanarak opened her eyes to find what she had been seeking in her heart. "I am the Arbiter. Will you join me in the quest to fight for Teleria?"

Could this be the face of Lumaya staring right at her?

"I will fight." She spoke in awe and looked around her in search of her friend but instead found herself surrounded by a cold, dark nothingness. "What of Maeve? Will I ever see her again?"

"Who knows? Perhaps you will find her... On the other side."