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Misshapen and twisted in every possible way, Helicath is a creature of the Pit - one of the dark, chaotic realms that lie beyond Lumaya’s light. Its ever-shifting abyssal wasteland became the last refuge of the fallen Lightbringers that had followed Siroth in his war against the Goddess. There, they rule unchecked, erect their citadels, and plot the downfall of all that is good in Teleria. Whether Helicath is one of those primordial Fallen or if he is a creature born of cruelty and madness in the centuries that followed is unknown, but no one can deny that he is both ancient and powerful.

At a glance, the demon may appear clumsy and sluggish, but nothing could be further from the truth; Helicath’s unnatural and jittery movements can be faster than lightning, and his claws rend steel as if it were rotten wood. However, it is his wicked intellect that presents the greatest danger. As one of Lord Shazar’s lieutenants, Helicath oversaw the creation and training of Demonspawn legions in their neverending preparations for war. Not only had that role allowed him to garner a great deal of influence, but also to handpick a coterie of bodyguards and minions to do his bidding. For Helicath, canny and deceitful like all his kin, only ever waited for a chance to stab his sovereign in the back and take his place.

To his woe, Lord Shazar was just as devious and knew which servants had to be kept at a blade’s length. He understood Helicath’s ambition well and weaved his own intrigue in turn. For a time, Shazar allowed his treacherous lieutenant to think that everything was going according to plan. Helicath continued building his forces and followed Shazar’s orders when the Demonspawn invaded Teleria, earning dark glory to his name on many a battlefield. But as more demons flocked to Helicath’s banner, spies sent by Shazar found it easier to infiltrate his ranks. When the hour had finally struck to rise up against his Lord, Helicath marched into a well-prepared trap.

When he confronted Shazar in the dark throne room of the Lord’s stronghold, more than half of the warriors that had first sworn allegiance turned their blades on Helicath instead. Enraged and well-aware that he would either win or die, he fought with the fury of a cornered rabid beast but could do nothing against the overwhelming numbers and Shazar’s might. Though many had fallen to his claws, Helicath was laid low by his master’s blade in the end.

But killing powerful demons is no easy task, even for others of their kind. Rather than risk imprisoning Helicath and giving him a chance to plot an escape, Shazar chose to tear the traitor’s spirit asunder and cast it to the hellish winds of the Pit. Thus shattered, the essence of Helicath wormed its way into Teleria over many millennia and spread across all corners of the world. Yet if those shreds were to be gathered and made whole again, the demon could be reborn… And he would doubtlessly seek vengeance against the one who had ruined him.