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Hushed rumours speak of a beast on the prowl, a terrible monster born of the Shadow. It slithers in dark corners, where Lumaya’s light does not reach, never to be seen until it is too late. And when it unleashes its bloodthirst, there is no escape. Razorsharp claws rend steel and flesh alike, and the beast strikes with such blinding speed that its unfortunate victims never have a chance to realize from whence their death arrived.

Candraphon - though few know the name - is that abomination, and much of what is whispered about him is neither myth nor exaggeration, but a nightmarish truth. He is an ancient Demonspawn, whose origins lie far beyond the realm of Teleria. Whatever drives him is hard to comprehend for a mortal mind, but there is malicious intelligence behind the seemingly barbaric acts of butchery.

The truth is simple but no less disturbing for it. Candraphon is a predator. A stalker that treats the mortal realms as his hunting grounds, and the lesser creatures that dwell therein as quarry to slay whenever he wishes. To attract the gaze of this demon’s burning eyes is to invite a swift and brutal demise, for Candraphon revels in victory over worthy prey above all else.