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Krisk the Ageless

Krisk the Ageless

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Krisk the Ageless


Once, a long time ago, Lizardmen ruled much of Teleria’s eastern continent. An ancient and proud race, they called themselves Dragonkin in honour of the Great Dragon whom they venerated as their chief deity. Dazzling temples of brass and limestone pierced the sky, wise priests directed their kin to further the empire’s greatness from these magnificent palaces. It fell to the mightiest Dragonkin warriors to defend the priests and the temples of their god.

That was Krisk’s duty as well. As a sentinel of the Great Dragon Shrine, he oversaw the rituals and divinations that took place there, carried out the will of the priests, and helped them tend to the arcane vortex that was suspended in the very heart of the temple.

When the wars raged and the nomads invaded, Krisk fought with every ounce of skill and might he had within. But even that could not be enough when everything else was lost and his people’s greatness crumbled to dust. Grievously wounded, Krisk was cast down and could only observe as the Shrine shattered beneath the shockwave of a great explosion when the foolish humans untangled the Vortex. Many had died on both sides then, and untold magical storms were unleashed upon the land.

But Krisk survived through that ordeal. Though his temple was gone and his people descended further into primitive savagery by the generation, he had sworn an oath to defend what was left of the shrine. And so Krisk the Ageless determined he would stand vigil unto the end of time, for the magical storm that he weathered had filled him with power and vitality, increasing his naturally long lifespan beyond what many thought was possible.

It was only when the Shadow came that Krisk’s oath was broken. Though many of his kin hailed the dragon unleashed by Mortu-Macaab as their god, Krisk knew that was falsehood and lies. He fought the servants of Siroth that came to claim the Shrine, bringing all of his experience and supernatural might to bear, sundering chitin shields and breaking horned skulls by the score. When the Arbiter’s chosen arrived, he realized that it had to be providence directing them, and thus extended his protection to the brave warriors in Lumaya’s service. They fought side by side, with Krisk the Ageless marching forth in front of his allies, deflecting spell and weapon alike with his enchanted armour.

And when the battle was done, he had sworn his soul and his mace to the Arbiter. For hew knew the desecration of the Shrine was only the beginning. If his people were not saved from the lies of the false dragon god, they would fall into darkness and slavery, a fate far worse than even their current half-savage existence.