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It is well known that the Dark Elves hail from the exiles that fled the nascent Kingdom of Aravia after a bloody civil war. Though it was no political intrigue that led to the conflict, but rather the fascination of a significant part of Elven aristocracy with the forbidden arts of Dark Magic. Fearful of what could be wrought by such malignant power, the rulers of Elvenkind sought to end the practice decisively. And though disgraced and defeated, the Dark Elves yet practice their arts away from the gleaming spires of their homeland, sworn to one day return and reclaim what is theirs by right.

But the High Elven royalty were right to fear Dark Magic. Its practice draws the attention of Siroth’s minions, its effects are often anathema to all that is holy in Lumaya’s creation. And it takes a horrible toll on the practitioner. The pallid or ghastly blue complexion, the blazing orange eyes are typical traits that the Dark Elves display, and they were not adopted naturally. Still, the power that Dark Arts grant is exceptional, and many seek to claim it no matter the price.

The Harvester, though a warrior at heart, has done well in learning the subtle manipulation of energy through sacrifice. A word from her lips can weaken her foes, making them easy prey for her and her allies, her scythe cuts with a blood-chilling howl that seems to prevent any benign magic from manifesting. Even time itself can change its flow at her command - or at least she can create an illusion of such, confusing her foes and taking advantage of their blunder.