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Assassins are both feared and respected among the Dark Elves. Even before the great civil war of Aravia began, their forebears relied on deception and spycraft to promote the designs they held for the kingdom. After their exile, the once-proud rebels split into countless warring houses that ever seek to undermine their rivals by whatever means necessary. As long as this unseen battle rages on beneath the twisted canopy of Durham, the likes of Maranix will continue to thrive.

However, she is so much more than a simple hired blade. Maranix sees herself as an artist - a priestess in the service of Death, and her every kill is a sacrament to be carried out with utmost diligence and zeal. The infamous assassin is said to seclude herself in daily meditation an hour before the break of dawn. None may say what grisly rituals she performs, but those who have seen Maranix in battle know that her blades channel some dark and deadly power. Not even protective magics can save the unfortunates whose doom she proclaims.

As is often the case with members of Dark Elven cults, Maranix’s origins are shrouded in darkness. She was but a babe when a shadowy cabal of assassins separated her from her kin; it is not even known whether they had struck a deal with Maranix’s family or simply took the girl by force to raise and train as one of their own after slaying all those who would oppose them. Now, her heart is forever blackened by the cruel faith of her masters.

In time, it became apparent that Maranix surpassed those who had once tutored her. She rose through the ranks until, following the demise of the cult’s leader, she had been proclaimed Death’s Chosen and ordained to lead her brethren. Maranix’s ambition remained largely unopposed - few would have dared to challenge her to a duel, and her cunning allowed her to outmaneuver all other pretenders.

After her ascension, Maranix launched a campaign of terror against several rival guilds that had long fought her cult for influence and territory. The war was swift, ruthless, and bloody. Maranix led many raids in person and had slain two of the guild masters who stood in her way. Within less than a month, the surviving assassins begged for peace and pledged their blades to Maranix in the aftermath of the carnage. Those new converts greatly increased the strength of the cult and the prestige of its new Mistress.

And with prestige came power. The Elves of Durham speak Maranix’s name in hushed tones, and many live in fear of her blades. Though she does not accept just any bounty, those Maranix deems worthy of being her prey have little hope of staving off their inevitable and painful end. Even those who seek her allegiance should tread lightly, for no one can tell what price the Mistress of assassins would ask, nor be certain the whispers she harkens to won’t call out for their blood in turn.

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This is all great and wonderful , but this character kit does not reflect that story , besides that character is mediocre at best. REBALANCE ! MAKE HER SPECIAL ! not lame like she is now !