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A true legend of the Arena City of Velyzar, Ronda's path to martial mastery began as soon as she could raise her fists. Born to a minor Banner Lord house, she was expected to become as great a warrior as her seven brothers, sparring alongside them before she could even read or write. There were to be no lavish banquets or lessons in genteel society for Ronda - her home was in the mud of a proving ground, brawling alongside the other spirited warriors of her father's house. 

The first glimpse into Ronda's true potential as a fighter came at the young age of 15, where she became the talk of the tavern after besting four knights - after she had been disarmed - during a local tournament run by her father. The ferocity of her blows seemed to ignite the very air, and she seemed to effortlessly slip past cuts and thrusts from her armored foes before pummeling them senseless. News of her prowess spread throughout Kaerok, and she quickly entered the employ of a local baron, acting as their Lord's Protector in all matters of physical combat. Her armor adorned with his sigil, word of Ronda's skill spread further and further, with sponsors coming from far and wide to see this rowdy pugilist overwhelm her opponents with flaming fury.

Soon, she was inundated with requests from grander and grander parties: lords, dukes, even the King of Kaerok himself requested that Ronda be his champion for settling disputes via single combat. As her fame and fortune grew, so did her awe-inspiring powers, and she channeled the ferocious energy that manifested all those years ago into her fighting style. By focusing her literal fighting spirit, Ronda could project her burning soul into a being of pure fire and could even make the ground erupt with a geyser of raw power through a single mighty punch. 

Eventually, though, fighting on behalf of others began to bore Ronda. She wanted to stand on her own two feet, be known by her own talents, rather than what she did on behalf of a patron. Arrayed in golden armor and with a sash of her house's colors girt about her waist, Ronda ventured to the Arena City of Velyzar, where she would quickly rise through the ranks to become a living legend in the city's pantheon of warriors. Squaring off against foes sporting humongous weapons, wearing armor as hard as bedrock, and wielding the most vicious of magics, Ronda still fought with her bare hands - her flaming fists hit harder than any blade or hammer ever could. After years of climbing, she was crowned the Queen of the Arena, earning herself the coveted Belt of Victory for her legendary victories. 

But again, the call of a greater challenge echoed in Ronda's mind. There were always new mountains to climb - and new enemies to conquer. Leaving Velyzar under the cover of night, Ronda began her fighter's odyssey, hunting down greater and greater foes. The stories of Ronda's wanderings vary on depending on the teller - and how many drinks they've consumed - she's claimed to have choked out a dragon, punched out a giant knight of pure flame, and even put Siroth himself in a headlock.

While the tales may themselves be hazy, one thing is clear - her exploits reached the ears of the Arbiter, who, even in her weakened state, reached out to Ronda and asked for her aid. For Ronda, there was no greater honor - to become an actual Champion would mean her place in history was assured; she would be forever immortalized, and could even battle with heroes of myth. So now Ronda does not fight for glory or fame - she fights to protect Teleria itself from any threats that would do it harm. May Lumaya have mercy on her enemies, as Ronda certainly won't.

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A missed opportunity here to explain the lore of shards. She should be described as one of the few telerian deities (ie players) to descend to telaria.