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Shadowkin #RaidFanArt Contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (January 13th  - March 4th )

Shadowkin #RaidFanArt Contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (January 13th - March 4th )

White FlameCommunity Manager
Jan 17, 2022, 14:4201/17/22

Shadowkin #RaidFanArt Contest on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (January 13th - March 4th )

They’re mysterious. They’re deadly, and they look great. They are the Shadowkin - brave warriors from the Eastern Continent ready to fight for Teleria to regain their lost honor. The Shadowkin Champions are free of the Dark One’s yoke now, and they finally have their own Faction Crypt in the game. We know that many players have passion for this Faction, and it is time to free the wild flight of your fantasy. 

All you need to do is share your Shadowkin FanArt on social media with the #RaidFanArt hashtag between January 13th and March 4th and we'll pick the best 10 entries to send their authors 1 Sacred Shard, 1000 Gems, and a brand-new Jintoro avatar. 

How to participate in the #RaidFanArt contest in January-February and get a chance to win prizes:

- Publish your artwork on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

- Use the #RaidFanart hashtag for Shadowkin fanart submissions for a chance to win an Avatar, and be featured on our feed (published on one of our social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Please make sure that your publication is Public and visible for everyone so that we are able to find it.


  • drawings/paintings
  • sculptures, models
  • comics
  • cosplay
  • tasty creations in Raid style
  • songs
  • music videos
  • other (the list can be expanded since our community’s talents know no boundaries)
  • submission must be an original work made by the participant


  • Final Submission Date: March, 4, 2022
  • Internal Voting: March 7, 2022 to March 11, 2022
  • Final Results Announcement: in mid-March, 2022

By publishing your entry with the hashtag #RaidFanart, you agree that we can publish your artwork on our official social media accounts. Of course, your name will be mentioned!


- All works will be checked for the authenticity of your art. Please do not try to pass someone else's work for your own.

- The number of winners might be increased if we receive a great number of awesome entries. 

- Please don't submit your Original Characters (OC) as part of the fan-art competition. While we would love to see your creative works, it is better to reserve such artwork for the Community champion concept art contests that might be launched in the future. 

-We'll be choosing the winners by the internal voting. 

Shadowkin #RaidFanArt Contesti

White FlameCommunity Manager
Apr 6, 2022, 13:2704/06/22

Hey there, Raiders!

The time has come for what you’ve all been waiting for - we’re ready to announce the winners of our #RaidFanArt contest dedicated to an awesome Shadowkin Faction! You all did great and it was pretty hard for us to pick the best entries. However, we tried our best and here they are! 

As you remember, we promised to pick out 10 best entries to send their authors 1 Sacred Shard, 1000 Gems, and a brand-new Jintoro avatar as a reward. We picked even more! 

Here are the winners! 

1. Ben Henderson 

2. Frances Bee

3. Shelby Belanger

4. Szpevák Jules Gyula 

5. Serhii Dubenets 

6. rred_rabbit 

7. _ns_54 

8. gebabje 

9. tombstone_66

10. Ben Ephla

11. artisan_hammer 

12. Solomon Jiang 


14. romansemenof 

And that's not all! We're gladly sending a brand-new Jintoro avatar to many other talented Raiders for their efforts and dedication!

1. Félix Bourgeau 

2. Вячеслав Емельянов 

3. Nastya August

4. Krisztina Dobos 

5. PookaAshling 

6. David Gysels

7. Jack Goddard 

8. John Shields 

9. Janice.gubina 

10. reaserge 

11. Grimm_raid

12. Bigeil_ 

 13. Ozgur.arts 

 14. Leilafoxnation 

15. liagiba_avlalliv 

16. Pravdoryb94 

17. sina.sitana 

18. zhiendbird 

19. _digital_artist 

20. doktortoru 

21. Sam 

22. Oskari Wäänänen 

23. Spitzkopf Larry 

24. Mirko Sica 

25. _panda_2.0___ 

Great job! Our Community Manager Nina Jaeger (from Facebook) will contact each one of you personally to collect your Player IDs for the gifts’ delivery. 

That’s all for now, you all did amazing and if you haven’t won, we loved your effort anyway. We would also be very glad to see you all participating in our upcoming contests!

P.S. The next #FanArtContest is coming in April and it will be a special one! Stay tuned! 

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