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Doom Tower challenge (from Sep 16th to Oct 15th ) [Facebook] [Ithos avatar]

Doom Tower challenge (from Sep 16th to Oct 15th ) [Facebook] [Ithos avatar]

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
Sep 16, 2021, 14:1209/16/21

Doom Tower challenge (from Sep 16th to Oct 15th ) [Facebook] [Ithos avatar]

Hear ye, hear ye! 


A new Doom Tower challenge has been announced throughout the lands of Teleria, but it is not warriors or wise mages we seek. No, we need masons, architects, artisans! Because this challenge is not about your Champions - it is about your DIY skill: 

- Create a Doom Tower model using wood, metal, paper, Lego - whatever you feel like! We do not limit what resources you choose for this project or how you stylize the Tower, as long as it’s not obscene or offensive. 

- When you are done, post your masterpiece on any social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) with the #doomtowerdiy hashtag. And don’t forget to tag the official Raid: Shadow Legends account on that media!

- Make sure everyone can view your account, otherwise we won’t be able to see the entry.


The challenge will last one month: we will accept and review your entries up to and including October 15th. The winner will be announced on October 22nd. 


Top 10 competitors will receive the following rewards:

- 1 Sacred Shard

- 3 Void Shards

- 10 Ancient Shards

- A unique in-game avatar of Ithos, the mighty High Elf Champion

Link to the contest:

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