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Hello, Raiders! Have you ever struggled with understanding certain game-specific words,  abbreviations, or terms that you simply haven’t heard before? If you answered “yes” to this question, this glossary might be useful for you.

Last year, with the help of our active players, we managed to compile a #RaidDictionary with special words, phrases, abbreviations, terms that are used by the players in Raid: Shadow Legends, and, in general, in RPG games.
This is our very first issue of the #RaidDictionary, and we hope that you’ll like it! 

We’re open for any additions and modifications 🙂



AB - Auto-Battle

A1, A2, A3 - Terms used to designate Champions' different Skills; A1 referring to the default, non-cooldown Skill (1st Attack), A2 to the 2nd Skill (2nd Attack), etc.

AC - Auto Clicker. It is a type of software that can be used to automate the clicking of a mouse on a computer screen element.

ACC - Accuracy

Adds - Minions of a Boss

AFK - Away from keyboard 

AFKF - Away from keyboard farming

AI - Game Artificial Intelligence

AoE - Area of Effect, refers to an attack that hits all enemies.

ATK – Attack, determines how much damage a Champion’s ATK-based Skills will deal. Unless otherwise stated, all skills scale off ATK.

AP - Ally Protection

Arbi - Arbiter

Apoth, Apo, Apoc - Apothecary, often also referred to as "Apo-the-carry" due to his carrying capabilities. One of the best Rare Champions and Healers.

Artifact - Armor or Gear that can be equipped to Champions to give stat bonuses and special abilities.

Aura - Some Champions have a specific trait called an Aura. Auras can vary through each Champion but some examples are that of Prince Kymar’s Arena Speed Boost, Elhain’s HP Aura, and Sethallia’s Resistance Aura. For the Aura to take effect, the Champion whose Aura you wish to affect your team must be in the first spot/ lead on your roster. Some Auras only work in the Arena, Dungeons, Faction Wars.


Badyl, Bed, BEK, Bad-el - Bed-el-Kazar (btw, Badyl in Polish is a stick) - a Legendary Champion, Bad-el-Kazar from the Undead. Gives heals, removes debuff and poisons enemies.

Batman - Seeker, a great Epic from the Undead Horde that increases attack and fills the turn meter of all allies. Great for Arena.

Bears - Ursine Ironhide and Ursine Icecrusher

Bello - Bellower (in Italian is “beauty”)

Blender comp - A team composed of many AoE champions (Champions whose main attacks target the entire opposing team), such as Skullcrown, Sinesha, Psylar, Battlesage, etc.

Book - refers to the Rare, Epic, or Legendary Tomes that are used to upgrade Champion’s Skills.

Booking -  Upgrading the Skills of a Champion using either Tomes or Duplicates. For farmable Champions, it is advised to use Duplicates instead of Tomes. Remember to never use Epic or Legendary Tomes on Rare Champions, only ever use Legendary ones for Legendaries. And never use Tomes for Common or Uncommon Champs.

Brews - Experience Brews

Buff - Buffs are attached to Champions during the battle, buffs are inflicted from Skills from either the Champ themselves or Champs within your team. Buffs will typically increase Stats and Skills. For example, there are block debuff buffs, counter-attack buffs, and increase speed buffs.

Buff/Debuff bar -  The space below a Champion’s or Boss’s health meter, where buffs and debuffs are displayed. Often referred to in relation to bosses (especially the Clan Boss), because of the important 10-debuff limit at any given time.

Build - A build would be a display of artifacts and masteries a player has chosen to equip a certain champion with. Players will often share “builds” to other players.


CA -  1. Counterattack, 2. Classic Arena. 

CA Champ -  Champion that has the Counterattack ability as part of their Skills.

CA comp -  It is a team that relies heavily on counterattacks, especially all-team Counterattack buffs.

Campaign Farmer/Speed Farmer- A Сhampion designated to battle within the Campaign mode. This Сhampion typically has various (AoE) attacks to hit multiple enemies at once - thus finishing battles quickly.

Carry - a Сhamp that does the work of helping other Сhamps through content who would otherwise not be able to survive.

CB - Clan Boss,  a feature that uses keys to fight a boss to earn great rewards based on the damage you dealt.

CB Chests - Chests are rewarded to players for battling the CB. Chest rewards are dependent on the damage dealt to the CB.

CB Keys - Keys are used to allowing an attempt at battling the CB.

CC - Crowd Control - effects placed on enemies to prevent them from using abilities or taking turns.

C.Dmg - Critical Damage. Defines the amount of additional damage dealt by Critical Hits on top of a Skill’s base damage. 150% C. DMG will mean a Critical Hit will deal 250% damage (100% base damage +150% crit damage).

CD - Cooldown. Cooldown is the number of the champion's own turns, a skill that is not the primary skill (A1) requires to pass before it can be used again.

CH - Coldheart (Rare, Dark Elves, Void), great for Spiders and Fire Knight

Champ -  Champion, Character within Raid Shadow Legends

Char - Character

Chicken - Food Champion

Comp - Team composition with a distinct strategy

Crit - to Crit is to land a "critical" hit, which multiplies damage based on the amount of critical damage. The chance of landing this is dependent upon the critical rate.

C.Rate - Critical Rate. Defines how often a Champion’s skills will land as Critical Hits.

CS - Coffin Smasher, a great rare champion from knight revenant, pretty good for Clan Boss.


D20 - Dragon's Lair level 20.

Debuffs - Debuffs are the opposite of buffs, typically you inflict them on enemies. Some debuffs are weaken, poison, and sleep.

Def - Raw Defense

Def% - Defense percentage

Def Down - a debuff to decrease your defense.

Def Up - a team buff that increases your defense.

Derp - To make a silly mistake (as opposed to a legitimate tactical error). e.g. "I derped and put in my unleveled Frozen Banshee in my Clan Boss team instead of the level 60 one."

DOT - Damage Over Time

DP -  Doompriest

DPS - Damage per Second, can also be used for a player whose role in the group is to deal the most damage.

Draco - Dracomorph, Legendary Champion from Lizardmen

Drag - Dragon Dungeon

Dups - Duplicate Champion


EG - Early game

ENG - Energy. Energy is needed to battle in campaign and dungeons

Epics - these are champions second to the legendary champions.

Epic Tomes – is used to upgrade Skills for Epic Champions and below.

Exp - Experience


F - Fail, Something doesn't go as planned or expected

Farm - play a stage repeatedly to level up a Champion and farm Resources 

Farmable Champions -  Some Rares are available as a drop in certain Campaign Stages. If you want or need those, it is usually faster to get them from there instead of pulling Ancient Shards.

Farmer - a nuker champion leading a food composition for XP and resources 

Farming (XP) - refers to continually running a Campaign Stage to level up Champs - typically 12-3 or 12-6 on Brutal, sometimes on NM

Farming (Gear) - continually run a Dungeon Stage to get the desired gear type - sometimes overnight with an Auto-clicker

FB - Frozen Banshee

Fenix Comp - Revive composition strategy (CB)

FH - Fell Hound, Rare Void from Demonspawn

FK- Fire Knight. A Dungeon Boss

FK20 - Fire Knight lvl 20

Flat Stats – is known for a flat primary stats that has no %. And usually found in Gloves, Chest and Boots.

Food - used to name champions that will feed other champions so they gain exp or ranks

Fodder / sheep - Characters you level up (fatten) for the sole purpose of sacrificing later to level up other characters

Frank(enstein) (n.) - Miscreated Monster. As is often pointed out, Frankenstein is the name of the doctor who created a (nameless) monster, and not the monster itself—but it’s a common conflation.

F2P or FTP - free to play, someone who does not spend money on the game.

FW - Faction Wars

F - typically used to show sympathy when someone has a bad pull or bad roll


GH - Great Hall

Glass Cannon/Nuker - party's damage dealer (⬆️damage/⬇️ survivability)

Gorgo - Gorgorab, a great Epic from the Undead Hordes, great for Arena and Dungeons. Revives allies and heals. Increases attack and turn meter.

GS - Giant Slayer Mastery

GZ (or Grats) - congratulations. Usually said after crafting gear with very good statistical buffs or after gaining a legendary champion. 


Healer/Support - party's Healer/CC/Buffer (⬇️damage/⬆️ Survivability/⬆️Control)

Healer - Support Champion

HK: High Khatun - speed boost champion, login reward

HP – Health Points. Determines how much damage a Champion can take before they are defeated


IG -  Ice Golem (the boss itself) or Ice Golem's Peak

IG20 - Ice Golem lvl 20


Key – is used to fight Clan Boss. Gives 1 Key every 6 hours. Also, Keys are needed for the Doom Tower.

Kit -  the totality of skills and traits a particular Champion has


LegeBook - Legendary Book

LegeChamp - Legendary Champion 

Lego - Applies to Champions ("I pulled a lego") or Tomes ("I got a lego tome") or artifacts ("Lego artifacts have 4 visible substats").

LFC – Looking for a Clan.

LG - Late game

LS - Lifesteal (mostly used in reference to the Lifesteal gear)


MG - Mid-game

ME - Maneater (Epic, Ogryn Tribes, Void)

Minotaur - Short for Minotaur's Labyrinth. A dungeon where you earn scrolls to unlock different skills and bonuses for Champions. 

Mino -  Minotaur (the boss itself) or Minotaur's Labyrinth
MK - Mountain King (Legendary, Dwarves, Force)

MM - Miscreated Monster Epic from Knights Revenant or a Mausoleum Mage Epic from Undead Hordes.


Nerf - Change a Character or an item to be less powerful

NM - Nightmare difficulty Clan Boss

Nuke - deal serious damage

Nuker – Champions that can deal a huge amount of damage to the enemies


OB - Occult Brawler (Epic, Ogryn Tribes, Spirit)

OP - Over Powered - a Champ that is too strong relative to others

One-shot - When you take out a full health character in the Arena in a single hit

1 Key - refers to doing enough damage from a single CB key to get the top chest (same for x key - where x is the number of keys needed to get the top chest)

OSH - one shot


Passive - Refers to the passive skills some Champions have. These activate automatically when their condition is met - sometimes always, sometimes with a random chance

Pikachu - Soulbond Bowyer, Rare from Barbarians.

Pots - Ascension Potions. They are acquired within the dungeon battles. Each affinity has a potion. Potions are used to ascend Champions and increase stats.

Proc - To effectively activate a skill or effect that has a % chance to occur (from the acronym Programmed Random OCcurrence). ex. "This Champion has a 40% chance to apply a Poison debuff." Not to be confused with RES vs ACC, which can further affect whether the effect actually happens, "proc-ing" is when an effect is activated, before RES and ACC come into play. Extra damage from Warmaster or Giant Slayer skills, for example, have a chance to "proc" and can't be resisted--whereas a 40% chance to apply a Poison debuff must FIRST proc (40% chance), and only THEN compare the RES of the defender against the ACC of the debuffer to determine whether the debuff is in fact applied.

PvE - Player vs Environment (Dungeons, etc)

PvP - Player vs Player (Arena)

Pull(ing (shards)) - Summoning Champions from shards at the portal


QUAD / QUAD roll - 4 rolls into one specific substat on a lego piece of gear


Raisin - Rhazin Scarhide

RES – Debuff Resistance, Influence the chance of successfully resisting an enemy Champion’s Debuffs. If you have high RES your opponent will need a lot of ACC to apply Debuffs.

Rez - Resurrect / Revive

RG - Royal Guard (Epic, High Elves, Magic)

RK - RelicKeeper (Epic, Sacred Order, Force)

RNG - random number generation 

RNGesus - the deity that resides over random number generation

Roll - a stat / stat upgrade on an Artifact (gear or accessory)

RPG - Role Playing Game

RSL- Raid: Shadow Legends

RJ - rejoin


Salad - Ma'Shalled

Santa -  Sir Nicholas

SC - Skull Crusher, Epic from Ogryn Tribe the only epic with a team counter-attack buff

S20 - Spider lvl 20
SK - Stag Knight

Snipe - when you use all resources last minute to win a tournament. Giving the other competitors no time to catch up

SP - Swift Parry 

Spd% - Speed percentage

SPD – Speed, determines how quickly a Champion fills their turn meter. Your team will move in order of SPD, fastest Champion first. A Champion with 200SPD will move twice as often as a 100SPD Champion

Speed tuning - coordinating Champions speeds in a team to attack in specific orders or rotations

Spider -  Spider's Den

Starter -  refers to either all 4 possible Champions available at the start - Kael, Athel, Elhain, Galek - or the one you selected

Stats - Champion Statistics

Strike - when your Arena team takes out another team without the other side causing any damage.

Strike out - when you blink and your arena team are all dead before you take a turn

Strip - removing a buff from an enemy

Squishy (adj.) - easily killed. Often used of Champions who are low in base DEF or HP--usually applied to Champions who are useful in other respects such as damage, buffs/debuffs, etc., but who may require extra protection from other means to stay alive

Supp - Short term for a player/character that will support his group with heals, revives and buffs.


Tank - Defense Champion, ex. Gnarlhorn, Woad-painted, Maullie Tankard

Tanker - Party's damage taker (⬇️damage/⬆️ survivability

TM - Turn Meter (as a turn-based game, each character has its turn to act, which is indicated by an individual yellow bar. The higher the bar is, the closer is the indicated Champion's turn.)

Tower - Roshcard the Tower, Legendary from the Sacred Order. Good for unkillable teams for CB.
12.3 - the main Stage at Brutal Campaign to level up Champions 

12.7, etc - Campaign Area, Stage

TTA - Tag Team Arena


UE -  Umbral Enchantress

UG - Ultimate Galek

UK - Unkillable CB team

Unk Comp - Unkillable Composition strategy (CB)

UNM - Ultra Nightmare difficulty Clan Boss

Unk Team - unkillable team

Unk CB team - unkillable clan boss team (2 man eaters ie)


Valk - Valkyrie

Vampier - Seducer, Rare Void from Undead/Undead Hordes.

Vault Guardian - Legendary or Epic that doesn't serve you anything or maybe doesn't help anyone, but as it's better not to eat it, you leave it saved until one day it's useful at something.

Viz - Vizier Ovelis, the great debuff extender for clan boss.


Wipe / Wipe out - when your entire team dies to an AoE attack - typically from the CB when Attack down falls off

Whale - Person who spends large amounts of money to progress within the game

WM - 1. Warmaster Mastery, 2.Warmaiden - a farmable Barbarian rare, often used for her AOE debuff

Wonkey - [the most extraordinary variant suggested by our player]. "It took me a while to work out people in videos were saying one key for the clan boss. To me, I will always aspire to wonkey the UNM CB"

Wurli - Wurlim Frostking


x2 - times 2 events from shards

x10 - times 10 events

XP - Experience

XP Brew - XP brews are items that can be used to level up or gain experience to champions.


YEET - most commonly found in global chat, especially channel 888. Some would consider it a final prayer to the RNG Gods prior to their shard pulls. The frequency of this word increases during 2x and 10x events.

All terms and abbreviations were proposed by our players during the competition  Raid Dictionary: A clever tongue will take you anywhere   

Apr 28, 2021, 15:1604/28/21
Apr 28, 2021, 18:2804/28/21

Here's a common abbreviation that got overlooked somehow.

gz (or grats) - congratulations. Usually said after crafting gear with very good statistical buffs or after gaining a legendary champion.

Apr 29, 2021, 09:0904/29/21

I saw a couple that I had heard before and dismissed because I did not know what it ment . Now I know 😎

Apr 29, 2021, 09:1604/29/21

When Dr. Victor Frankenstein created the "monster", it was considered to be his son - his son inherits his surname - the monster is also called Frankenstein. 

Apr 29, 2021, 09:1904/29/21

Hey I searched and couldn't find "Dupe System", can you please add that?

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Hey I searched and couldn't find "Champion Balance", can you please add that? 

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Hey I searched and couldn't find "Arena Balance", can you please add that?  

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Hello Riad!  

May 2, 2021, 08:3805/02/21

New to RSL and this dictionary is masterfully done. Kudos and thx because i'm and edp or edr (everyday player  or everyday raider)

May 2, 2021, 09:0305/02/21

just found a word idk "meta" what does it mean

White FlameCommunity Manager
May 13, 2021, 15:4005/13/21

Here's a common abbreviation that got overlooked somehow.

gz (or grats) - congratulations. Usually said after crafting gear with very good statistical buffs or after gaining a legendary champion.

@ReardonMischief, thanks a lot for the nice addition to the Raid Dictionary! I've just added it to the list 😎


White FlameCommunity Manager
May 13, 2021, 15:5805/13/21

just found a word idk "meta" what does it mean

meta means "most effective tactics available" (For example, when Raid was only released, the meta of the Arena was very different from what you see now. Meta may change over time since the game development does not stand still)

White FlameCommunity Manager
May 13, 2021, 16:0005/13/21

New to RSL and this dictionary is masterfully done. Kudos and thx because i'm and edp or edr (everyday player  or everyday raider)

Glad to hear that you liked the Dictionary! We'll keep expanding it with new terms and specific words. Happy Raiding! 🔥

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Gee.  Here all along I though D20 was a 20-sided die, OP was Original Poster,  DC was a jet, and UK was a European nation. Won't even mention DP.  :-)