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RAID Digest (19.04.24)

RAID Digest (19.04.24)

Hello, Raiders! 

Community Weeks activities are finally hitting their stride. There are tournaments to compete in, events to complete, champions' skills to decide on, and even a Titan event with Lady Mikage's perfect soul, for those who are in need of one.

So, let's not waste any more text and go straight into the Raid Digest.

Bosses rebalance

Every now and again, there will be a conversation somewhere in chat about the Boss rebalance. And now, we want to officially announce that we are indeed working on fine-tuning some of the more challenging bosses in the game. In particular, Iron Twins, Phantom Shogun, and Big Bad Sand Devil himself. 

While we will leave the exact details a secret, the main direction is to make them more approachable on all stages, even on the higher ones. So, while already effective teams won't be affected, there will be more wiggle room to do some experimenting and mid-game farming. More details will be shared closer to the feature release, so stay tuned.

Cursed City rotations

We saw much discussion regarding the Cursed City rotations, so we decided to bring some clarity as to why it is so hard to pin down what will be in the next rotation.

Technically, Cursed City has five fixed rotations at the moment: 

- Each stage has five filter sets (filters).

- Each rotation will use one of the five filters at random

- The Cursed City will circulate them one after another

- Once all five filters are used, the game will randomize all available filters and start the next rotation set.

For the curious ones: yes, we made sure that the 5th and 6th rotations won't repeat each other's filters.

Once the filters start repeating - you will start seeing your team from the previous rotation that used this particular filter.


- Some players run into issues with battle completion on Hydra once they hit the turn meter limit and have Wallmaster Othorion on their teams. We are aware of this issue and are already working on the fix. 

- Supersonic gear set description. There was a wording mistake in the 9th gear set bonus description for the Supersonic gear set. Actually, this bonus will increase Turn meter boosts cast by this Champion, not on this Champion. We will adjust the effect description shortly.

- Marius Missions. Live Arena. When the opponent leaves the battle, the win won't count toward Missions related to Live Arena. It is a bug, and we will add a fix at the nearest update.

Clan vs Clan tournament

The next Clan vs. Clan tournament will feature personal rewards. Beware of snipers.

That is all for today, have a wonderful weekend.

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