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RAID Digest (17.11.23)

RAID Digest (17.11.23)

Greetings, Raiders! Welcome to the second RAID Digest of this November! Let's cut to the chase and settle down some common concerns and controversies from the recent discussions in the community.

Hydra and Game Balance

Let's start with some noteworthy clarifications related to Hydra Clan Boss.

The Rare Dwarf Champion Madman had been introduced into the game long before we designed Hydra. Hence, his skill set was developed without taking into account Hydra and possible deviations that might occur during interactions between them. As a consequence, Madman deals an unreasonably high amount of damage to this boss. Starting from the next major update, the second hit of his A1 skill, "Wild Slashing" (deals 30% of the damage inflicted from the first hit), will deal only normal hits.

Let's move to other Champions that do not give rest to poor Hydra - girls' squad Trunda&Yumeko. For now, there are no plans to downgrade the performance of Trunda or Yumeko against Hydra or change the way they interact with each other or with their copies. We are aware that teams with these Champions might score many points for Hydra Clash, but Clans with higher damage output levels are more likely to meet each other in this type of competition than others. 

While we're on Hydra, the Passive skill of Xena: Warrior Princess "For the Greater Good" doesn't empower her weak hits against Hydra Heads under the [Poison Cloud] buff. 

A little fun fact about Hydra: did you know that a Hydra Head might attack its buddy under particular circumstances? If the Head of Wrath is chopped off and explodes while damaging another Head that has [Counterattack] buff, the latter will indignantly reciprocate with an attack to the poor leftover of the Head of Wrath. However, please notice that [Counterattack] should not provoke its owner to attack allies and will be fixed in future updates.

Ugir the Wyrmeater

The spotlight Champion of this Fragment Summon event has some non-obvious but impactful tricks up his sleeve.

Some players are concerned that the usage of Polymorph in PvP might limit the utility of this anti-Pythion Ogryn Champion. However, we are preparing some tweaks for Polymorph mechanics that will make Ugir more viable along with other debuffers and buff-removers.

Another important point to keep in mind about this Champion is that while his Passive skill "Scourge of Dragons" normally reacts to enemies' active revive skills (including Ice Golem’s Frigid Vengeance), it also can be triggered by Lydia the Deathsiren's self-revival Passive skill "Death Hold" as an exception.

Clan vs. Clan Tournaments and other Limited Time events

The upcoming CvC run will not feature Personal Rewards. As for Fusion/Fragment summon events, though the time interval between Timit's and Ugir's events was rather short, we plan a slightly longer time interval before the next event of this kind.

That's it for today's Digest. Have a fabulous weekend!

Nov 17, 2023, 16:1411/17/23
Nov 17, 2023, 18:2311/17/23

I have been playing for 2 1/2 years and seen many changes, but I am disppointed with the way the game has developed, particularly of the last 6 months. Every move is dictated by Hydra, the new rewards, the champ nerfs, the new clashes are all being manipulated by what Plarium believes its Hydra needs are. This latest update of Madman, who I have had for years, and NOT used for Hydra, further separates the rares usefulness in game. Why even have rares? Plarium will lose another round of regulars for this and batter another round of negative feedback. For me, I have a choice...I can choose to continue with the continuous nerfs to champions, or I can opt out of Hydra and suffer the consequences in degraded account growth as I will slowly but surely be unable to compete with those who have Trunda etc, Think Live Arena. No growth in my account will mean I will most likely look else where. It's a shame, because I really like this game. 

Nov 17, 2023, 18:2911/17/23

Nerfing Madman vs Not Nerfing Trunda or Yumeko is such a tremendously transparent choice to continually incentivize those that have been lucky to pull, spent a lot or bought an account with those champions. 

Raid is always crapping on its new players and continually moving goal posts in fusion thresholds to just make the experience feel terrible. 

The CCs speaking out about a boycot are onto something. It's time to turn our backs on the terrible choices until raid can earn back the community. 

Nov 18, 2023, 12:5111/18/23

This game is going from worse to worse because of this company this x25 system is more shit than x20 to spend more and more fragments abuse of events tournaments to force people to spend limit any way to obtain fragments and I'm not talking about the system of mercy and system of obtaining champions and everything so that people buy their very expensive packs it does not respect its players or opinions it is terrible they nerf everything possible for F2P people to advance in the game it does not update the damn thing that market is incredible as in An account level 100 appears as junk item.  The new game I'm playing Whatch of Realms gives you classes on how to make a good game, not that raid garbage where everything comes down to money, I'm glad you left the game and also investing money in this game, I hope everyone stops spending money now in this game let's see if they learn the lesson

Nov 18, 2023, 12:5411/18/23

27 sacred shards and no lego, that's what made me leave the game after almost 4 years of playing and also investing money in it to advance and no champion worth the voids anymore, I'm not even talking about rubbish, I'm already tired of this types of systems😡😡😡

Nov 18, 2023, 17:0411/18/23

Just lauhgable. my prayer on all the player who put ressources on champion you have or will nerf. your game is a big lie. Wish you the worse for the disrespect. 

Nov 19, 2023, 04:5911/19/23

Raid really show that they dont care about low spenders and free to play with this one. UNREAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 20, 2023, 02:2711/20/23
Nov 20, 2023, 04:46(edited)

After seeing this game before knowing all that I know now, I can honestly say this choice of game was one of my worst choices I have made in my life. The fact that the idea behind the game is awesome, and the fact that Plarium cares only about robbing you blind to obtain a possibility of a champion, then puts in champions like Rhonda and Ultimate ... which every singe silver II and I assume above team has both of, since every single time I get to the Silver II in six weeks of me playing this that is on all ten available opponents in any and all arena competetors? And I proceed to get immediately knocked back to silver I. That has been 100% my arena progress. I have obtained only 2 Legos other than Sun with the mass amounts of dollars spent to obtain shards. I have a stable of Epics that can't hold their weight against that combo. Definitely not a new player friendly game unless you can dump $50,000 to buy every trash deal on shards offered? Think I will have better luck gambling at high roller tables in Vegas than I do with the shards even with "Mercy" which I have not yet seen any real mercy. Good luck all I am not the one for this.

Mod note: removed foul language

Nov 22, 2023, 08:1911/22/23

while you are busy fixing/breaking hydra for everyone else except you think you could find the time to make it so the red dot doesn't appear for hydra clash when i havn't even hit hydra at all? thanks

Nov 22, 2023, 10:0111/22/23

# Hydra and Game Balance

I think the Hydra Clash is a great idea. My clan is taking more time to do the Hydra every week. Our clan does not play in the high ranking spots where Trunda and double Yumekos are a thing. 

But I am very dissapointed obout the other thing revolving around hydra.

Why nerf the rare champions to the ground, that they don't play any role in the big game. Cadaver could have been scaled down that this team is still a viable option. Emic was nerfed because of his sinergy with Cadaver. 

Why nerf madman? He cannot hold up to Trunda? He has the same mechanic, but is way inferior to the Leggo.

Which he should be. No doubt. But please let him be viable option to get some points.

The Hydra experiance would be so much greater if the community had more options to ramp up the points to get the chests. Since it is almost the only way to get mystical books.

Speaking about points. In my clan there are lots of people who are still laking the power and champs to even get to the required 35 million to get the lowest chest. But they help to get the clan into one of the three first positions.  

To do the hydra in a compettetive way is time consuming. The last battle I did was over 1,5 hours. That is a lot of time to dedicate to one battle. 

Alos the advanced quest "Do a hydra key pops up most of the times when my real live does not give me the timeslot to engage properly in the fight. Which is what the developers want. I asume. 

To make the Hydra Clash an enjoyable event for all of us. Please reconsider nerving rare Champs to the ground. Give the playerbase a fighting chance to compete in the clash by balancing it. By giving the people an opportunity to come up with viable options to build teams even with rares that can hold theit own. Let them have the flexibility to fight the big RNG Monster.

Reward all the players that put their time and effort in to help the clan compete against the rivals. 

#Hydra update

The roadmap that was shown us almost two years? ago said something about a new hydrahead and a new difficulty. Are they still in development?

Nov 22, 2023, 11:5911/22/23

#Ugir the Wyrmeater BUFF Is it Aprils fools day?

What is that crap? I skipped the fusion. But by buffing his passive skill to trigger everytime when a revive happens, which is a good counter to Sun Wu Kong. I regret not doing the fusion. Since there were no skippable Events there is no chance to still get hold of this champion.

Why Plarium does inform the players that late of the buff I can't understand.

It is just onother slap in the face of his playerbase. That is what drives away the players. Stop them from spending money.

Plarium just does not care about his playerbase. They only want to see at the end of the day a positive revenue.

But happy players like to spend. So why piss of the customer?