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RAID Digest (03.11.23)

RAID Digest (03.11.23)

Hello Raiders! Spooktober has just closed its creaking door: nasty Spiders hunkered down silently in dark corners, ghosts vanished into thin air, and a spooky mood left the lands of Teleria. November is coming into force. What shall it bring us? Promised expansion of the gear and champion storage in the nearest big release, and the next issue of the RAID Digest , of course!

Let’s dive in! 

Timit the Fool & Kaja the Wry: a special gift

If you manage to get both of these Champions - Timit the Fool& Kaja the Wry, you’ll get a special gift - a Legendary Skill Tome, a Rank 5 Chicken, 4 x 50 multi-battle attempts, 400 Energy, and 500,000 Silver. To get the bonus goodies, you need to have both Champions by 12 November, not just their 100 + 100 Fragments, and it doesn't matter if you summon one or even both of them from Shards.

[Taunt] buff vs. Hydra

Some players wonder if it is normal that the [Taunt] buff prevents Hydra from devouring Champions. Yes, it is a viable strategy: when a Champion in the player's team is under [Taunt] buff, Hydra cannot target anyone, apart from the taunting Champion. If that Сhampion under [Taunt] doesn't have a devouring mark, then the devouring won't happen until the buff is gone. So if the devouring mark is on somebody else they are relatively safe from the Hydra's embrace.

On a side note: we keep monitoring individual Champions' performance on Hydra to make sure there is no single Champion who grants too much of an advantage in this content. 

CVC Tournament

The upcoming Clan vs Clan tournament will feature Personal Rewards, so it is time to start sharpening your swords and prepare for battle! 

Starting from version 7.60 Clan leaders may set the minimum required number of CvC Points a Clan member must earn to be eligible for Clan Rewards. However, by default, this requirement remains the same - 1000 points. So if you noticed this number increased, it has been changed by your ever-demanding Clan leader.

RAID on the Facebook Cloud platform

RAID will no longer be available on Facebook Cloud Gaming platform starting from 2024. But here's an important clarification about what it means for those who use Facebook to log in. 

  • If you created your account on the Facebook Cloud Gaming platform, please log in to your account on your phone or Plarium play via Facebook to save your account's progress. You can find more details by the link  
  • Facebook Login. If you downloaded RAID to your smartphone (from Google Play Store, App Store) and use your Facebook profile to log in to RAID, NOTHING  will change for you. 

“Log in with your Facebook profile option”  will remain available and there are no plans to remove it, please do not worry. 

That's all for today's RAID Digest. Take care, and have a great weekend!

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