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Update 3.40 Highlight

Update 3.40 Highlight

Greetings from Plarium!

Update 3.40 is nearing release, and we’re ready to present you guys with a list of cool features that will be included. You can expect some quality-of-life adjustments such as the ability to tag your Champions in the Collection. In addition to all that, a whole new Faction - the mighty Shadowkin - arrives to Teleria! Curious to learn more? Then read on!


Shrouded in mystery, the Shadowkin hail from the furthest reaches of the Eastern Continent, beyond the Brimstone Path. Believed to have been under the brutal heel of the Demonspawn for the last several hundred years, only recently have they cast of Siroth’s yoke and thrown their lot in with the other factions of the world. Fearsome warriors all, their years bent to evil purpose have left a darkness about them. They have much to atone for, and only time will tell if they have truly regained their honor...

Yep, a whole new faction is coming to Teleria! The mysterious Shadowkin are heavily based on Asian mythology and aesthetics, all brought in line with the overall dark fantasy style of Raid: Shadow Legends. We’re planning to expand the faction gradually, with batches of new Champions arriving throughout multiple updates. Worry not, we’re not going to unlock a Shadowkin Crypt in the Faction Wars until later, when there are enough Champions for you to make a solid team.

And here are the brave pioneers be coming to Raid when 3.40 drops:













Champion Tags

A small addition to the game is the Champion Tags feature. As the name suggests, it will allow you to tag various Champions in your collection, and these tags will be visible on the Champion selection screen before battles. It should make life a lot easier for those who have duplicate Champions with different builds. Even those who don’t use duplicates might find it more convenient to select their teams once they have a few Champions marked for specific roles.


  • Completing the Doom Tower on either difficulty for the first time will award special avatars. 
  • Clan Boss Reward Chests will show all possible rewards on a tap
  • Moderators will appear in the game chat rooms
Mar 12, 2021, 13:5603/12/21
Mar 12, 2021, 20:3803/12/21

I love that you're going to make it easier for us to find our duplicates, but once again don't address the problem of duplicates.  

Over 25% of my legendary champions are duplicates.

Are the main ones booked? I don't see a huge issue its a gambling style game odds will never be in your 

Mar 12, 2021, 20:4303/12/21
Mar 12, 2021, 20:47(edited)

Awesome artwork like the most champs.

I hoped for another Doom Tower Champ with special Aura.

But without a chicken farm and books in every shelf I can hope for everything.

-> champion tags? YAY but should be possible since one year! 


Mar 12, 2021, 21:0503/12/21

In my opinion, I think it's really important to make getting a Legendary always feel like it's better than getting an Epic/Rare. It hasn't felt that way in a long time. I did the Pyxniel fusion and was disappointed. I see the new Yoshi fusion, and again I am disappointed. Not with the kit, but the books you need to make them playable.

So often, these new Legendary champs that are introduced are ONLY getting playtime in the Faction Wars. A lot of seasoned players already have established teams for every other part of the game (dungeon farming, Arena, Clan Boss, etc) and there is just no place for the new Legendaries because they are are so underwhelming, need tons of books, and are just flat out worse than the other legendaries that have been out for ages.

The most disheartening thing is striking gold when you pull a shard only to debate whether it would be better served as a chicken... 

I fully agree. And as more and more underwhelming champions are added to the mix, the chances of getting of the old and good ones become dimmer and dimmer. 

I no longer spend money on shards because I know that chances are I will get food and will be upset about the money thrown down the drain.

Mar 13, 2021, 00:0403/13/21


I mean you keep releasing new champs, but we, the folks playing this game, we keep pulling your leggos from two years ago...about 3-4 or even 5 of em....

I`m sick of using leggos as food and waiting for Plarium to fix it....

Mar 13, 2021, 07:5103/13/21

hmmm, theres a few that look promsing, a few look like good early game pulls, some look better for combo plays, oboro looks to pairwell with vail champs like Duchess, Jintoro looks to be made for bosses, testing is reqired but might be a solid pick for clan boss, due to what looks like a broken A3, passive also looks like it could be useful...testing is required but this hero might just end up being game changer, this is just from reading its skills, and imagining what what sets to put him in...will have to see

Mar 13, 2021, 08:5903/13/21

I am disappointed by these new champs.I don't see any good new abillity that we don't have already in the game,i meen New Legendary champions should be epics ,not worth of been a legendary,they don't have skill to prove that.We need somthing usefull in game like :counter attack champs; 2 turn stunt,immunity champs,resistanace buff aoe,shield break.....   

Mar 13, 2021, 09:2503/13/21

It's become a habit that every average champ needs 12 books and up ...we can see your greed 

And almost all new champs useless. Maybe just two useful from all.

Mar 14, 2021, 10:0703/14/21

Apearently Plarium decided to attack the Asian market. Hope it's not only a marketting decision, but also will be valuable in terms of gameplay... 

Mar 14, 2021, 15:5703/14/21


Mar 15, 2021, 05:4203/15/21

I realy hope that Plarium will nerf FW (at least 20 & 21) now when everyone will need to clear one more faction.

The endgame players got Lydia, but now the rest of us will need to clear one more faction!

Mar 15, 2021, 13:0203/15/21

It's become a habit that every average champ needs 12 books and up ...we can see your greed 

plarium: come on dude we give you free books, more shards and free items (from doom tower and free log-ins)  

(whisper: we increase booking heroes and decrease summon rates) 

Mar 15, 2021, 15:2003/15/21

Actually, I strongly believe the game filters drops based upon your team build-ups. I discovered these after I started getting Sacred Crusader after another, even on Epic drops. I play mostly these. I believe the whole "fusion" mechanic is that precisely, a counter weight to ensure players don't just focus on a single faction, thus turning the drop chances towards other factions. 

I got Relic Keeper by Fusion. Coincidentially, I got a lots of barbarians, Dark Elves, and Demonspawns. I got me a few exotics which actually match those factions too. So, you can filter yourself by just playing the factions you want the most.

You mean that "if I play skinwalkers I will get more Skinwalkers or the other way around"? interesting though.

Mar 16, 2021, 14:1303/16/21
Mar 16, 2021, 14:15(edited)

I love that you added champion tags. However, I'd find it much more useful if you included tags for areas of the game. I have a number of heroes that I only use in Faction Wars, for example, and they can create confusion when trying to select a champion for Arena or Clan Boss or Dungeons or Campaigns (because a lot of the thumbnails look alike). The same is true for other areas.

Obviously, I'd only use those tags if the champion is area-specific. I'd use the other tags you created for multi-area champions. 

Mar 16, 2021, 17:3903/16/21

Pour les français qui veulent voir le patch 3.40 sur Raid Shadow Legends.

(For non-French speakers, this is a link to a French translation because many do not understand the patch notes)

Mar 18, 2021, 13:3603/18/21

have you created rings, amulets and banners for the Shadowkin after 30 spider fights = 0 Shadowkin ??? 

Mar 18, 2021, 19:1103/18/21

You mean that "if I play skinwalkers I will get more Skinwalkers or the other way around"? interesting though.

Just play champs from the factions you like the most, and I can almost guarantee the majority of rare drops you get will be from those same factions. They'll still throw in another random faction now and then. But I can tell you you'll suffer less from unwanted factions.