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What’s Next In Raid. Episode 2

What’s Next In Raid. Episode 2


Do you want to know what awaits Teleria in the near future? It has been a while since our first What’s Next in Raid video was released - the features we talked about in that video are already in the game. Well, a new video is out, and we have much more to share!

Learn about our vision of Clans in the future, our plans to expand existing content, the new Champions, and a whole new Faction. Follow the link below and check it out!

Mar 11, 2021, 12:3503/11/21
Mar 11, 2021, 20:5603/11/21

Love the guys voice who does these videos :)

I have played a ton of triple AAA MMO's (BDO, POE, EQO, WOW, etc...) But I am truely happy to be playing Raid Shadow Legends full time over the last 6 months. Its a very exciting time to be part of this game

Keep up the amazing content and work guys :) Its a very exciting game to play and I suspect you will see competition in this market in the coming years. Thankfully Raid Shadow Legends is setting the bar very high for the competition to compete :D

Mar 11, 2021, 21:3803/11/21

The updates are great. I'm glad the game is moving forward in so many fronts and I'm absolutely loving the art of the new champions. 


This one in particular looks beyond amazing and I hope her chest armor and leggings are made out of plastic-type material as they appear in the pic, that looks very unique and unlike anything I ever seen before. 

Dungeons 25 sound like a good and interesting challenge, but I hope they won't end up like Nightmare campaign where the energy costs vs silver gain are subpar compared to lower stages. 

The only things left for me to hope is that you guys remove forge animations while crafting gear so I don't have to spend 40+ mins crafting 200+ gears and do something about the lack of glyphs. I went into detail about this issue in this thread :

Mar 12, 2021, 07:2903/12/21

again dungeons

ice golem 

monday: life and offense 

tuesday: def and critical rate

wednesday: resistance and retaliation 

thursday: reflex and curse 

friday: taunting and defence 

saturday: random

sunday: random 


monday: accuracy and speed 

tuesday: lifesteal and destroy

wednesday: toxic and  frost 

thursday: daze and avenging 

friday: stalwart and accuracy 

saturday: random

sunday: random

fire knight 

monday: fury and curing 

tuesday: immunity ad shield 

wednesday: crit dmg and frenzy 

thursday: regeneration and stun

friday: savage and fury 

saturday: random

sunday: random 


monday: telerians 

tuesday:  gaellen pact

wednesday: the corrupted

thursday:  nyseans

friday: random

saturday: random

sunday: random 

i cannot get barbarian banner for 6 months now  

Mar 12, 2021, 07:3903/12/21
Mar 12, 2021, 07:45(edited)

minotaur's labyrinth  add shards or increase money ( or a new item)

forge: i don't understand why i never get epic materials in faction wars 18 -20 floor ( i have 3000 lego materials but 10 epics)

please fix the glyph ( i use 10 x def 5 stars and get 1 point every time 

for the love of freaking god auto level up sparring pits  

and we really need to shorten game play i don't want to play this game for 8 hours (if i have 2000 energy)