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New Raid 101 Video: Buffs and Debuffs

New Raid 101 Video: Buffs and Debuffs

Buffs and debuffs are such an important part of Raid, but the sheer number of blue and red icons floating above their Champions in battle can be daunting even to the most veteran player! So, the time’s finally here for Raid 101 to dive into the exciting world of buffs and debuffs, with our new breakdown series. In this series, we’ll take a close look at every effect we have in Raid, and explain exactly how it works.

For Part 1, we focus on the buffs and debuffs that directly affect your Champions’ stats. Don’t be fooled by their apparent simplicity - a simple Increase SPD buff or a Decrease DEF debuff could make the difference between victory and defeat!

Check out the full video. Trust us, the knowledge in this video could be the thing that sees you finally beating that tough Dungeon stage or getting to the next Arena Tier.

Sep 28, 2022, 09:5909/28/22