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Raid Digest (23.09.22)

Raid Digest (23.09.22)

Hello, Raiders! Summer has almost surrendered to autumn, with its long nights and cozy evenings; an old game version 6.0.0. has almost surrendered to the new one, version 6.10 that is coming to Raid at the very end of the month; relaxing summer vacations have come to their end, and October is waiting for us with its special festive celebrations - Octoberfest, and - boo - Halloween (it is time to stock up on pumpkins and scary masks).

All right, stop talking - it’s time for a Raaaaaid Digest.

Mighty Ukko: clarification on his Passive Skill “Totem Warden”

As you know, Ukko’s Passive Skill grants a 50% chance of stealing 1 random buff from a random enemy each time they receive a buff. Any stolen buff becomes protected.

It means that whenever an enemy places a buff on their allies, there's a 50% chance for Ukko to try to steal that buff from a random receiver of the buff.  Thus the ACC/RES check will occur between Ukko and that random enemy. Please note, Ukko is sneaky enough to steal both buffs that have been placed earlier and the buffs being placed at the moment.

So, in short, 1 buff is 1 check,  regardless of the number of opponents with this buff in the enemy team.  If the enemy places more than 1 buff, Ukko attempts to steal each of them.

Bug fixes

A central theme of our Digest will be bug fixes because we want to keep you updated on their status. 

  • We have reports from players that the Magic Affinity Boss, Iron Twins, requires a bit more effort than the rest, while it should not differ from its counterparts of the same stage. We will address that disparity in the upcoming updates.
  • In addition, we’re aware that the Iron Twin’s debuff [Ironbrand] works not as intended. Right now, it is not possible to resist the extension of an [Ironbrand] debuff, and the fix is already on its way. As soon as we release v.6.10, your Champions will be able to resist the extension of an [Ironbrand] debuff the same way they now can resist its landing.
  • No doubt, it is annoying when the game starts freezing and glitching in the middle of the Tag Team Arena battle. With the release of version 6.10, we’ll fix it. The game will normally work after changing Rounds in Tag Team Arena with Champions affected by such Blessings as Polymorph, Ward of the Fallen, Lightning Cage, Brimstone, etc. 
  • In the battle against the Astranyx, the copies of your Champions get the first turn, but it’s not supposed to happen. It occurs when some of your Champions have Blessings that affect the leader's Aura (like Intimidating Presence or Commanding Presence). The issue will be fixed in one of the next releases (not in 6.10)
  • Self Sacrifice skills (like the A3 of Renegade) trigger the activation of the [Phantom Touch] Blessing. It is a bug, the fix is coming in one of the next releases. 

Next week, you’ll find out more about the bug fixes and features that will appear in the game soon. Stay tuned for it! 

Iron Twins Boss and Affinity reset

Several players reported the following issue on the Iron Twins: during reset at UTC 0:00 when the Affinity changes, the battle with the Iron Twins gets interrupted, and they see the following message on the screen


Indeed, when the Affinities change takes place, the result of the battle won’t be saved, you won’t receive a reward, won't get the Energy back. However, you won't lose the Fortress key. 

To avoid the loss of the Energy, try not to start any battles against the Iron Twins if you are not sure that you’ll be able to finish it before the Affinity change/reset. 

Once again, about 2FA

We all know - safety above all else. You have all activated two-factor authentication in your accounts, haven't you? It is not a tricky procedure - you only have to do it once, and it will stay active for as long as you want. Check out this article to find out more about the 2FA and its importance:

There is one nuance that we want to bring to your attention today: if you have received 2FA verification codes without personally requesting them, please change your account's email and password as soon as you can. Changing credentials will keep the account safe and prevent such situations in the future.

CvC Tournament (27 September)

Let's smoothly move to the next topic - the upcoming CvC Tournament. Next week, on Tuesday, we’ll launch a CvC Tournaments with Personal Rewards. It is high time to sharpen your axes and swords. May the best Clans win! 

Oh, and last but not least: BrewMaiden. Savvy? Put this Promo code into the game to get some Brews. The code expires on 3 October 2022 - hurry up!

Happy Oktoberfest, Raiders! And have a relaxing weekend ahead!

Sep 23, 2022, 15:3809/23/22
Sep 25, 2022, 20:2409/25/22

What about the Baron nerf, where he will lose A1,A2,A3 Skypiercer proc?

Sep 26, 2022, 16:2109/26/22

What about the Baron nerf, where he will lose A1,A2,A3 Skypiercer proc?

I thought everyone considered it a Buff?

Sep 27, 2022, 09:3809/27/22

I thought everyone considered it a Buff?

I tought too, but it seems to Plarium, thats a nice buff for Baron if give him plus 10 main speed but remove all skypiercer proc availability from A1,A2,A3 skill. 

Sep 29, 2022, 08:3009/29/22

I tought too, but it seems to Plarium, thats a nice buff for Baron if give him plus 10 main speed but remove all skypiercer proc availability from A1,A2,A3 skill. 

To my understanding, Skypiercer is just becoming an A4 ability - Always available but with a CD?

Sep 29, 2022, 08:3409/29/22

For more clarification on Might Ukko's Totemic Ward.

Using Magic Keep as an example - When the boss casts it's A2, does Mighty Ukko have a 50% chance to steal each buff? With a high roll of Mighty Ukko stealing all 4 buffs? Or does Mighty Ukko stop stealing after receiving one buff?

For AoE buffs, similar case - If High Khatun uses their A2, does Mighty Ukko have a 50% chance of stealing each Increased Speed buff?  Or will Mighty Ukko stop after stealing one?

Oct 1, 2022, 02:3810/01/22

Ukko’s Passive Skill have some bugs for sure. It will only steal each types of buff once right now. I used it in arena. When ukko against siphi, it will only steal one or two buff.