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Player Behavior, and Conduct

Player Behavior, and Conduct

Jan 25, 2024, 11:1101/25/24

Player Behavior, and Conduct

I have a question for the game owners, and i'm not trying to sound like a Pity Party whiny person.. but i keep getting Harassed by Players....

When i try to reach out to the Game Moderators all they tell me is "this person isn't doing anything wrong" or "we can't ban a user for this behavior"

My question is.... Why are the Admins, and Game Developers, supporting such Negative Behavior...

I've had 2 different users tell me i was a Psycho, Schitzo, and I needed a Psychiatrist, and i didn't even do anything wrong to the players in general... all i usually do is say hello or hi, or act goofy...

I don't even Harass, Steal, Hack, or Scam anyone, Why is Friendliness, Kindness, and Respect, hated in all game chat rooms... I just don't understand.... why all the Negativity, and Disrespectful Phrases being  thrown around, are allowed... and people support that behavior?

The Mods won't do anything, and i actually thought about Submitting a Support Ticket to see if anyone could actually help... but i figured i'd try the forums first...

Is Kindness, Friendliness, and Respect, really not welcomed in Video Games anymore? 

Jan 26, 2024, 08:4101/26/24

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It seems a bit unfair to paint with a broad brush while also providing no context. 

As well, you are certainly going to run into people in chat who aren't the nicest while they simultaneously might also be breaking no rules. If you feel there is some context missing next time you submit a chat report then please add it, or do feel free to contact support if you think you're being harassed to a degree that breaks in game chat rules. 

You can also feel free to send me any evidence of the chat rules you think were broken in these cases but unfortunately there's no rules that say folks have to be friendly in chat.