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Harassment Policy

Harassment Policy

AndriiTechnical Support
Jun 13, 2018, 11:0606/13/18

Harassment Policy

Acceptable Behavior

Any gameplay interactions that fall within the permitted game dynamics, rules, policies and content guidelines are considered "fair game". 

Reportable Behavior

When game activity is accompanied by verbal abuse, threats of physical harm, profanity, racism or any other language or behaviour that violates our policies, then this becomes a different matter.

If you feel that you are under an immediate credible physical threat, first, forward the threat directly to the local law enforcement. Then contact Plarium Team.

How to report harassment

You can report such case to our Support Team. We will then review the incident to the extent of our available resources, and may request further evidence or contact the other party. Submitting your claim, remember to add: 

  • player's in-game nickname;
  • supporting information;
  • screenshots.

To report a harassment, click here.

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