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Not getting what I paid for

Not getting what I paid for

Aug 26, 2023, 17:5008/26/23

Not getting what I paid for

I have spent a few hunded on the game and its not giving me what I paid for. I can not long on to the game without getting a dozen pop ups begging me to spend money. I hate to break this to Plarium it does not make me want to spend money, I many people who liked the game but quit because of the rip offs. People are will ing to spend money so why Plarium have to rip people off. Two of the so called package I bought I GOT NOTHING. I think i get it...anyone who plays long enough realizes the rip off so you keep cattering to knew players. I used to play some popular browser games that were similar to Raid and they pulled the same bull, and it took a few years but eventually people got over it. So keep ripping people off and this game will fold as well. And the sad thing is it does not have to. If plarium would play fair with customers you would keep making money. But at the rate your going like many past will will end up folding

Aug 26, 2023, 22:2908/26/23

Hello there,

If you feel you are missing something you bought, please open a support ticket either in game or here:

If this is a matter of shard purchases that yielded champions you didn't want, that is just a part of the game.

Unfortunately this section of the forum isn't for rants, and is for reporting legitimate issues regarding purchased items so this thread will be closed. 

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