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Multibattle took my energy gems and ancient shards.

Multibattle took my energy gems and ancient shards.

Jun 9, 2021, 18:3706/09/21

Multibattle took my energy gems and ancient shards.

Device: Plarium play on Windows pc 

WTR: 1. Make sure you have only 1 multi battle left and ensure you know how much energy, gems, and shards you have currently. 

2. Go into campaign hard 12-3 and click the single multi battle and let it play like regular. After it's


 over just exit out like normal and see if the resources were taken or not. 

Description: Essentially I went and did a single multi battle on hard 12-3 of the campaign. I only had one left and just did the multi-battle to get the one left off the screen. When the multi battle was over I exited out to find out that all my energy (100), gems (700), and ancient shards (2) were all gone from my account. I have tried re-logging multiple times on my main device (windows Plarium) and even on my second device (iPhone 8) and my resources seem to just be gone forever. 

PS: I know the picture doesn't really do much but I can't go back in time to show that I had gems and ancient shards. Thanks. 

Jun 10, 2021, 07:2006/10/21

Hello Tris,

That's a very unusual issue. Please send me your User ID (click your profile and go to info tab) and let me know approximately at what date and time this happened. I will pass it on to support to investigate.