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Creating a Bug Report

Creating a Bug Report

AndriiTechnical Support
Jun 13, 2018, 10:5306/13/18

Creating a Bug Report

Be clear and concise

Make sure the title of your report is relevant to the issue. This will make your report easier to find with the search function.

Add a step-by-step guide for reproducing the issue

Our engineers start the fixing an issue with reproducing it. They will use your bug report as an instruction guide for how to do this. Remember to specify the following information there:

  • Title: a short description of the issue 
  • Full name of your device (e.g. iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9, etc.); 
  • The version of your OS (e.g. iOS 11.3.1, Android 8.0, etc.); 
  • Steps you performed in the game before the issue occurred. 
  • Description of the issue. 

A picture is worth a thousand words

Attach screenshots of the steps and the ones illustrating the issue if available.

Example of a right bug report

An ideal bug report would look as follows:

Title: Pilgrim’s Cape skill. [Increase Def] text is not coloured green as other buffs.

Device: iPhone 6S Plus;

OS: iOS 10.3.3;

WTR (way to reproduce an issue):

Step 1: Go to Champion Index | Factions;

Step 2: select Sacred Order, and find Pilgrim hero;

Step 3: Check the Pilgrim’s skills description;


Pilgrim’s Cape skill places [Increase Def] buff. The text in brackets should be coloured green as in the other heroes’ buffs description. Example: Septimus’ Fortify skill description.

Hopefully, these instructions have made the process of reporting bugs easier to understand. Our main ambition is to provide you with a smooth, enjoyable gaming experience, and we sincerely appreciate your efforts in helping us achieve this goal.

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