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Raid: Official Forum Rules

Raid: Official Forum Rules

Jun 20, 2018, 13:1506/20/18

Raid: Official Forum Rules

Official Forum Rules


At Plarium we believe that the social interactions between the millions of members of our online player communities are a key part of the gaming experience, so keeping these player communities a safe, respectful place for you to interact with friends, fellow players and Plarium staff is one of our top priorities.


This Forum is the place for the official community to come together to exchange information, get the latest news, share community-created content, discuss the game with other members of the community and interact with the Support and Development Team.


Please fully read through the Forum Rules listed below and comply with them during your interactions on this forum. Enforcement and application of these rules will be at the sole discretion of Plarium staff and authorized members of the Support Team.


By posting or commenting on our Forum, you agree to abide by the following rules in order to maintain a respectful and enjoyable experience for yourself and other players, and to be contacted by our moderators, or Plarium Staff regarding said post or comment.


If a player is found in violation of these rules, he or she may be subject to an indefinite ban (including lifetime ban) from the community. In the event of a ban, our designated Community Administrators and Moderators will decide whether to uphold or remove the ban at their sole discretion. 

1. General Rules

1.1. Plarium Staff and designated Forum Administrators will periodically post Official Announcements and Documents. We reserve the right to remove off-topic posts from these threads to ensure easy access to important information. We may also remove game-related comments in circumstances where an Administrator has specifically requested that users refrain from commenting on the aforementioned Document or Announcement. 

1.2. While free debate and discussion are encouraged, we will not tolerate posts using inappropriate/offensive language or content. Below are guidelines to help determine whether or not certain language is appropriate. There may be inappropriate language that does not fit into any of these categories. We reserve the right to evaluate each incident on a case-by-case basis.

We will class as offensive all clear or implied language that:

a. refers to or threatens violence in any capacity that is not directly related to the game world.

b. is rude or offensive in nature, including but not limited to: personal attacks, name-calling, cursing/foul language, and cyber-bullying.

c. constitutes trolling. Trolling is defined as the posting of one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks, intentionally starting arguments or upsetting others, posting inflammatory or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response, or otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion.

d. insultingly refers to other characters, players, or groups of people, be they in-game or external.

e. promotes racial/ethnic/national hatred, or alludes to symbols of racial/ethnic/national hatred.

f. refers to sexually explicit topics.

g. negatively refers to any aspect of sexual orientation pertaining to themselves or other players.

h. negatively portrays other page member’s personal religious beliefs or major religious figures.

i. positively references the performance of illegal activities, including software piracy and other intellectual property violations.

j. excessively communicates the same phrase, similar phrases, or is incomprehensible.

We understand that sometimes people may have questions or concerns regarding an Administrative action, or wish to appeal a warning or infraction report. We’re happy to discuss and review specific cases, but the proper channel for doing so is via an email to our Helpdesk system. We will not discuss specific cases publicly on our Forums.

1.3. We also ask that you treat the Plarium Support Team with respect. Our staff work tirelessly to make your community experience on the official Forums as enjoyable as possible. We ask that you are especially courteous to our designated Community Moderators. These are NOT Plarium employees, and they are using their own time to help you answer your questions and find solutions to your issues. While we will often defer to their judgment, if you have a question with a specific ruling by our Moderators, please contact the Administrator of the Forum.

1.4. As this is an English speaking community, members are asked to post in English. If you need to post in a different language, please use a translation tool to translate your post into English. This will facilitate the Staff in assisting you with any issues.

1.5 You may post screenshots with correspondence between yourself and other players. We recommend informing any players involved in the correspondence beforehand, if possible. If you post a screenshot containing details of correspondence, and a player involved in the correspondence requests it is deleted, it will be removed from the Forum.


2. User Responsibilities

2.1. Users are responsible for ensuring that their actions within the game, or its communities do not in any way violate international or local law (including intellectual property law). Plarium is committed to offering full cooperation with law enforcement upon request, and any breach of local, federal, or international statutes and regulations may be subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.


2.2. Users are responsible for periodically re-reading the Forum Policies and Rules, as these rules are subject to change and may be altered or amended by the administrators if and as necessary.


2.3. Users are responsible for ensuring that all comments and posts are in line with the discussion topics, or they may be removed and the user in question may be subject to banning.


2.4. Users are responsible for acting in accordance with these Forum Policies.


3. By joining our Forum, users agree NOT to:

3.1. Threaten, humiliate or assault other players or Forum administrators and Moderators.


3.2. Use abusive language or profanity towards fellow players or administrators and Moderators (this includes personal messaging and commenting).


3.3. Share non-game related provocative materials, which advocate extreme political views in any way. Users must NOT share material which supports fascism, criminal activities or insults races or religions, alludes to symbols of racial/ethnic/national hatred.


3.4. Use profanity, to include veiled foul language or vulgarity when naming in-game locations, objects, or organizations. Administrators may rename these in-game locations, objects, or organizations immediately and without notice.


3.5. Share content with respect to promoting the sale of accounts, virtual currency, and resource selling.


3.6. Type only in CAPITAL LETTERS (using Caps Lock) or use an irritating alternating CaPiTaLiZaTiOn of words.


3.7. Share pornographic material and images, including obscene gestures or explicit content or hold offensive discussions in that respect.


3.8. Share any kind of material promoting the use of alcohol, tobacco or illicit drugs.


3.9. Share commercials or advertisements for goods or services without first receiving explicit permission from Plarium.


3.10. Flame, spam, flood topics or post off-topic, irrelevant messages. This includes using the forum, email, messages, comments, picture comments and private message systems to spam other members. Such posts will be subject to removal.


3.11. Share with the aim of inciting users, appealing to users to leave the game, encouraging them to abstain from buying in-game virtual currency, or posting fraudulent or abusive personal statements relating to the administrators and moderators or Plarium employees.


3.12. Share any content, which infringes third party rights, including intellectual property rights.


Please note: in the event that it comes to Plarium's attention that a Shared content infringes third party intellectual property rights, Plarium will be forced to act according to the relevant laws and policies applicable to that event. Although, it should be stressed, that Plarium shall not be held responsible for such infringement or its outcome.

Membership of the Forum does not entitle its members to any rights to Plarium's intellectual property rights in any way.


3.13. While we are more than happy to host constructive comparative conversations about competitor's products, we will not tolerate blatant advertising threads. Also, we would appreciate it if you refrain from blatant bashing of other games/forums. Such posts will be subject to removal.

3.14. Obstruct communication with moderators. This includes blocking private messages from any moderator.

3.15 Create posts discussing forum moderation decisions, such as banning, closing forum threads, deleting forum posts / threads, etc. This also includes publicly sharing any private messages from Community Administrators or Moderators regarding disciplinary actions taken towards you. The discussion of forum/group moderation actions generally leads to inflaming the community and trolling Community Administrators and Moderators. As such, this type of discussion is strictly prohibited under the forum rules.

If you have questions regarding the actions of Community administrators and moderators, please submit a ticket Appeals against forum moderation decisions will be considered.

3.16 Debate the Support Team’s decisions or actions or publicly share private communication between yourself and the Support Team. Threads, posts, or comments aimed to announce or appeal the Support Team’s decisions will be removed.

Community administrators and moderators respect the right of our players to privacy; therefore, players are not permitted to publicize any type of private correspondence (including support ticket responses and emails). Should you have a comment, a concern, or a question regarding the decision of the Support Team, please leave your feedback in the questionnaire sent to you when you receive a reply. Your feedback is highly appreciated since it helps our Support Team to improve their work.


4. Player Contests:

4.1. The administrators and Moderators reserve the right to decide the winner of a contest based on their own criteria. Their decision is final and is not subject to appeal.

4.2. The administrators and Moderators reserve the right to change the contest’s terms and conditions, as well as any offered prize or compensation.

4.3. Any player participating in a contest may be disqualified at any time should they breach either the Forum Policies or the rules of the contest.

5. Corrective Actions and Penalties:

5.1. Administrators and Moderators may delete, correct or change user shared content.

5.2. Administrators and Moderators may ban a player at any time if he or she is in violation of the Community Policies. Players will be notified of the ban. All bans are not subject to appeal.

5.3. Any content and activity found in violation of these policies is subject to immediate removal, and may result in a warning.

5.4. The player agrees to accept a change of penalties or corrective actions in the event that he/she violates the rules of the Forum. The Administrator and Moderator may consider issuing a warning message if this is a first offense. If this warning is ignored, continued inappropriate actions may result in a 24, 48, or 72-hour suspension of posting privileges, depending on the severity of violation. Any further violations of Social Board Rules may result in a permanent suspension of posting privileges.

6. The Administrators and Moderators shall not be held liable for:

6.1. Any player’s actions towards another player. We will do our best to ensure the environment is a safe and welcoming one, but we will not be held responsible for any player’s independent actions.

6.2. Moderators and Administrators will determine whether content and/or an activity constitutes a violation at their sole discretion. A failure to strictly enforce any aspect of these Rules at the time of a violation occurrence does not prevent the Administrators and/or other Plarium staff from doing so at a future point in time.

Changes to the Rules of Conduct

Plarium may revise these Rules any time by making changes to this page. Please check this page regularly and make note of any changes.

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