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Guide: Tag Arena Tier Placement

Guide: Tag Arena Tier Placement

GreenKnightCommunity Manager
Aug 11, 2021, 09:1108/11/21

Guide: Tag Arena Tier Placement

Tag Arena Tier Placement

In Tag Team Arena, Tier placement happens every Monday at 06:00 UTC.

The progress bar shows your position within your Tier – whether you’re at the bottom, somewhere in the middle, or holding one of the top positions.


The progress bar’s color indicates what will happen when Tier placement occurs. Red means you’ll be demoted to a lower Tier, yellow means you’ll stay in the same Tier, and green means you’ll be promoted to a higher Tier.

Note: There is a limit to the number of players in each Tier, so in certain situations, you may not be promoted to a higher Tier even though your progress bar shows you in the green zone. This happens when multiple players are tied on Points for the last place (lowest) position in the green zone and all have the same number of Points. In these situations, it’s decided by whoever got those Points first. Whichever player reached those Points first will be promoted and all other players will remain in their Tier.

A similar situation may happen with the red zone and demotion when multiple players have the same points. In those situations, the player who dropped into that position last will be demoted.

 Tier Placement Movement


After Tier placement, all players start with 1,000 Tag Arena Points in their respective Tier. 

Mar 31, 2022, 18:2103/31/22

Should you not increase the player limit as more players come to the game ?