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The 12-week Tag Team Arena tournament winners

The 12-week Tag Team Arena tournament winners

Sep 15, 2020, 11:5909/15/20

The 12-week Tag Team Arena tournament winners

Hello, everyone!

We know that you guys are eagerly waiting for the 2.20 patch launch. It is on its way, and will be here even sooner than you are expecting. But more on that a little later.

As you all know, the 12-week Tag Team Arena tournament ended yesterday. As promised, this Wednesday, you will receive rewards based on the Tier you ended up in in the end. You all did great, and we thank you for participating!

There is something else we need to talk about in regards to this tournament, though. Having collected and analyzed the data for determining players' positions, we found out that some players had reached significant heights in the tournament by manipulating the scoring system in a way that is unfair toward other players but advantageous for them. Now, we are all for fairplay in our game and, while we are still working on eliminating the problem of system abuse in the Classic Arena, we cannot close our eyes on this tricky move that took place at the end of this tournament. Thus, we decided to remove the points earned in an unfair way from these players' tally and reward them based on the number of points they scored in the fair competition.

So, here are the top 5 players that will receive exclusive avatars in addition to the Gold IV Tier rewards:

- [MAD] LilWheel 1897 points

- [MAD] 69boomer 1812 points

- [G&L] Manibal 1811 points

- 4KDefinition 1811 points

- [G&L] Deages 1720 points

A round of applause to these mighty heroes!

We will let you guys know when we have sent the rewards on September 17 by posting in-game news.

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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