The Pirate Cove - Secret hideout

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7 March, 2016, 8:59 PM UTC

I would love to the the introduction of a Pirate Cove or Secret Hideout. The purpose is for pirates to store excess Lumber, Gold and Rum (even Gears) for a later time.

Like other game items, Research at discovery would be required in order to obtain the access to the Pirate Cove. Upgrades for capacity similar tot he royal cannon.

The Coves should remain hidden to other pirates, but the chance to find the hideouts can be earned. Pirates can earn parts to a treasure Map, by raiding individuals, Broken into 12 parts a part can be earned when successfully raiding another pirate (caution: failed raids should see a treaasure map piece move in the other direction.)

Once a pirate has access to all 12 pieces of a treasure map, the map will reveal the location of the hideout (randomly generated coords). If successfully attacked the hideout will be gone. all booty will be relocated to the attacking pirates haven, excess will be transported to any cove held or cast overboard. Any defense units at the hideout may choose to jump ship and join the attacking crew, the reverse if an attack is unsuccessful.

To obtain a new hideout, players would have to upgrade again, similar to the royal cannon.

This is just a thought, and may need tweaking..... but interesting i think.

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9 March, 2016, 11:11 AM UTC
Currently we are not planning to make such features, but we are planning something even more interesting. Just wait for the future updates and you will find a lot of interesting things and activities.
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