Harvest Feast PvP!

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24 November, 2016, 12:10 PM UTC

Harvest Feast PvP!

Battle other Captains to get Tournament Points. The more Units ye take down, the more Points ye be gettin! It doesn't matter whether ye be on the offensive or defensive side. The more Points ye rack up, the bigger yer rewards be at the end o' the Tournament!

Yer Brotherhood can work together in this Tournament. The Points yer Brethren collect be displayed on the progress bar. As yer Brotherhood racks up Points, they will reach Milestones, which multiply yer personal reward by increasingly large factors! Coordinate with yer Brethren to get the most out o’ this Tournament!

If ye place in the top o’ the Rankings, ye be getting’ an additional prize upon Tournament completion!

Leave a comment if you are ready to destroy your enemies!

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