Latest Prize Championship Tournament April 2017

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28 April, 2017, 12:39 PM UTC

Once again in the Prize Championship, the prizes are Brigantines.

There for it is not mathematically practical for anyone who can make Brigantines or above to take part in the tournament, Your attack units are more value than the prize.

It also gives a low to medium player a, in built bias if they can only build Brigantines or lower.

As a higher level player I must admit to feeling a little disenfranchised with this tournament.

I will not be taking part in it. I wish everyone who is taking part, good luck but do urge a few words of caution about taking care of what you send to it.


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28 April, 2017, 5:21 PM UTC

I do see what you're saying. However for lower level players this does help quite a bit. It takes a good deal of time getting to Navigation..Players that are taught to  level each discovery to lv20 it will take them longer. Also  another thing to consider is odds are you're stuck dealing with the dragon sketches. Heat 2 isn't that great in comparison reward units are actually worse.(buccs and skirms) That's a first. Anyways though if players are in a BH that teaches them to play the lh properly getting a good number of unit rewards will benefit them in the long run. Getting 500 points for the first prize isn't that hard. Also these rewards can help players to push on to the last 3 heats.  

On a final note though, fleets aren't built they're won
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