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14 January, 2015, 9:13 AM UTC

Ahoy Cap'n!

There be strength in numbers, lad - and it looks like ye'll be needing all the strength ye can get! There be rumors that the Spaniards be up to something. They've been far too quiet of late, and whatever it is, it can't be good for the likes of us Pirates. The British Navy has been stirrin' too – they've got their spies in every nook and cranny. Aye, there's a storm brewing… mark my words.

All the more reason to start banding together!

Now ye can create ye own Brotherhood o' loyal brethren to see ye through these dark times at the Brethren Court! Simply chart a course for the Brethren Court, open the "Brotherhoods" tab, and click "Create a Brotherhood". Mind ye, not every Captain can take the helm - ye must be level 30 n' have 1000 Rubies in ye treasure chest if ye fancy foundin' a Brotherhood.

Ye be startin' off with 10 members in yer Brotherhood. If you decide that it's not enough, ye can always expand it by buyin' extra berths.
If ye have a mind to join the ranks of an existing Brotherhood, visit the "Brotherhoods" tab in ye Brethren Court and send off yer request! But be sure to first review their terms and requirements ‘afore ye sign up, as a Pirate's word be his bond.

If you get turned about, set sail for the help section for more information.

Now, off you go! Bring fame to ye Brotherhood, and may the Seven Seas bow before ye!

Yer Dearest Pirate Queen,
Cpt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley


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