Admiral of Black recruiting

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30 October, 2015, 8:36 AM UTC

As a part of the natural expansion of any brotherhood, we are starting a recruitement campaign.

Our pros :

- A core of 55 members with very low turn over, all started in AoB, all gained their warrior gallons there. You'll find a cool ambience, and intempsive exchanges between members.

- Ask and you shall receive. I don't remember that anyone asked for any kind of ressources, support or answer to a game related question without being answered immediately. Helping our teamate is sacred.

- You get to play your own game. As you may know, each player has his own vision, some prefer to raid a lot, some to block, some live to upgrade their havens, and some, like me, look daily for the kill. No one will blame you for your game approach, as long as you participate at BH adventures.

- Brotherhood Adventure/Brotherhood PvPs: we are used to get exclusive packs on daily basis. We are helped by the competitve nature of our teamates, each one of them excels in a field, and the sum of efforts always get us these kind of collective rewards. With 10 more experimented players, we will ensure elite pack and top 20 BH PvP on a regular basis.

As you may know, Brotherhood rise and fall periodically. The nature of their member plays a lot in this process. We are a young BH, but with a hella players, progressing at a tremendous speed. Each one of us has already established a solid reputation in their hoods. We are good diplomates, tactical demons, able to set inventive traps, and to work collectively to answer any kind of collective attack. You'll find always a tactical support, someone guiding you through your military manoeuvres.

-> In exchange, we need you to be a smart and fast learner. We recently got rid of several annoying players that didn't even knew how to change their profile photo (after three months in the game), and others that didn't know how to retire their troups after a liberation, while flooding the chatroom about minor exploits and being non respective of their fellow brethen. If you want to be helped, be polite.

for further informations, please mp.

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