Plarium is spending my rubies now. Nice.

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11 May, 2016, 2:08 AM UTC

Just now, while entering the smuggler's den and clicking lumber in the resources section, plarium decided to buy a 3 day 25% resource boost for 375 of my hard earned rubies. This is not right. I'd like a statement on how and why these things are happening as of late. I'm not asking for a refund because then you guys would be busy all day, I would just like you to look into it. Cheers

*edit* All im trying to say is, it's super wierd you double ask everything in this game, down to opening reward packs, but not when spending rubies on something so useless. Please fix this guys

*edit* Looking at this this way i'd really like those 375 rubies back. Or should I spent some money first?
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11 May, 2016, 6:54 AM UTC

Yes i would also like to get this confirmation button and on some purchases it is there.

But you also need to be careful, plarium can't move that button up to lumber to get you buy that.

It must be your haist, probably you didn't wait for page to load up completely and pressed the button.

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11 May, 2016, 1:01 PM UTC
Also when applying resource boosts watch out not click auto repurchase. After the time is up it'll buy another 3 day without asking. until you uncheck it
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