I feel like playing a rigged game do you?

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17 April, 2017, 5:48 AM UTC

   Hiya, this weekends tournament with the Spring XP Extravaganza I think its a bit rigged. In order to win you need to get lots of points by doing lots of Individual Quest. But I encounter a lot of " Take out units in Hostile strongholds " and " Raid a stronghold with X amount of resources ". In fact 1 of the days I got no battleground quest at all but only the above mentioned 2 coming out alternately.

   Don't get me wrong the 2 above mentioned quest is ok but it can't come up so often. Take for example the 1st one " Take out units in Hostile " everytime you attack you lose quite a number of troops and with the slow regen of troops in this game the most you can do 10 and you are down to your skeleton amount to do any other quest. Now if the tournament is over a week the most by the 3rd day you don't have any spare troops to do anymore raids on strongholds. Then you have " Raid a stronghold with X amount of resources " This quest can be done only 3 to 4 times a day because 1) That amount of resources can only be gotten by raiding abandon strongholds as active strongholds would have used up most of the resources. Does your area have high enough abandoned strongholds with such high amount of resources in it and 2 are you the only player to raid that stronghold?  2) The daily cap of resources you can get by raiding is capped by the game developers hence even if the quest pops out which mostly does you can't do it. and finally 3) After raiding that stronghold with X amount of resources its as good as not raiding it for another week because you have hit the maxed amount you can raid from a stronghold.

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18 April, 2017, 12:45 PM UTC
Hi! Personal quests appear randomly. It could be that you didn't receive a certain quest for a couple of days, but it will appear sooner or later :)
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18 April, 2017, 2:45 PM UTC

I have found that it is rigged to make you suffer enough losses to cause you to purchase Gems and Bonuses. But it becomes a vicious cycle in that the more you buy thew more you lose. The game is Designed to Make Money! Therefore once you have overspent and have buyer's remorse, you stop playing. I am at that point right now  and I have played for 3 + Years! I will not continue to be "Conned" by the trap of playing.

I don't mind paying for the "Specials" but I don't appreciate being a sucked consumer.
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20 April, 2017, 5:11 PM UTC
Divepyrate is correct as much as the game and others want you to believe you can actually get ahead this is a business so the more you spend the better their business is. This is a fun game especially in the beginning when upgrades are quick and you get al these rewards in an hour or so for updateing completeling this or that slows ways down buy level 60 and lol I am level 91 and running out of things to do. And the more you purchases the more you loses as you attack bigger fish or push for higher goals and it costs more. I have played much worse games but have learned any game for mobile or desktop with in game purchases(99%) are all designed to make you spend and place value only on the big fish(ones that spend several k a month). thowe that spend 1k or less are considered small fish and their ppinions don't really matter In operation of game and in requesting changes etc... those that use cash in game are why the game last as long as it does but they are also the ones that get farther in game and faster then the free players
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