Stronghold defense battle mechanics?

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3 November, 2016, 5:55 AM UTC

So, I got caught in an attack on my stronghold with my offense out as well as a decent sized defensive force. After reviewing the battle report I saw that my total forces out numbered his by about 150%. I decided to watch the battle playback and I see my offensive units fighting the battle. Now, I have come to understand the level of laziness on the part of the developers, so I don't expect the playback to necessarily represent all the unit types engaged in the battle (because that would be asking WAAAAY too much). But this does make me wonder if my OFFENSIVE units are taking the lead role in a DEFENSIVE battle. Can this truly be the design of the defense battle mechanics? Looking at the battle report my offensive unit losses do outweigh my defensive unit losses. I'm hoping this is simply a coincidence and that in their laziness, the developers chose to simple display a handful of the "coolest looking" units in the playback. Sure it's better than the previous design of the offense units sitting there being beaten like a step child. Given I had a solid force of defensive units, why would the offense units be at the front of the battle? Furthermore, my stronghold defense structures were barely touched. Those should be the first things to go. What good are stronghold defense structures if the enemy can just barge in without having to destroy them?

Like so many other things with this game, the stronghold battle mechanics seem to be an afterthought. 
Luke Smith
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3 November, 2016, 1:14 PM UTC
My way of thinking, any game  you play, offense always attacks your weakest link, we know in the games of plarium, offense has a crappy defense so we don't defend with it, so if you get attacked and your offense was left out, the defense is going to hit the weakest first 
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