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Scald the Bard
27 August, 2015, 1:35 PM UTC

Recruitment tips

Lord Marshals, there are a lot of good Clans in the  Shingård! Almost every warrior has ever encountered a trouble of making an important and brave choice, a choice of joining a Clan!

Here, I'll give you few tips that will help you in future recruitment.

Clan Leaders, this is your chance to introduce your Clan, try making it look professional.

Basic tips:

  • Introduce your Clan name and describe its common goals (Obelisks, PvP, Battlegrounds, etc.).  
  • Make a Clan banner or logo, something that will represent you and will attract attention.  
  • Specify your Clan groups, sites or other sources where a player can find more information about the Clan. 
  • Make a list of reasons what a player would benefit from your Clan: what opportunities they have, what can they gain from joining. What are you or your members willing to teach newcomers.  
  • Make a list of the requirements (minimum offense, minimum defense, minimum level, etc.), as your Clan becomes stronger you can raise the requirements.     
  • Make a list of rules (language, age, behavior, etc.), but keep in mind this is still a game, the idea is to make a friendly and relaxed environment that members will enjoy.  
  • Explain how the Ranking System works so future and current members can see what to work for and what to look forward to.    
  • Make an Application Form, state what information is required in the recruitment form.  
  • State if you want your Clan to reach you via game pm with those details or via forum.  
  • Name which members are in charge of recruitment, how to contact them.     
  • End with a bit of information about your Clan, what progress your members achieved in certain quests, tournaments or competitions. Add a little bit of your Clan history.  

Tips for applying for a Clan

When applying for a Clan, state all information asked from you on the recruitment form (offense, defense, etc.). State why you would like to join that Clan, and why this Clan caught your attention.

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15 July, 2016, 4:12 PM UTC
join a real warrior clan, join THUGS and come speak to tamtam.........fight,,,,but have fun.
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