MALICE II M2 Looking For Bilingual Speaker

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1 August, 2015, 11:34 PM UTC

We in MALICE II [M2] are looking for some quality players who are bilingual(English being one of the 2 languages). If you are also fluent in one of these languages we would love to here from you.






We would love to better communicate with clans that are mainly made up of these languages. You MUST already be established in the game(+50). Willing to help us in reaching out to these clans be it in war or diplomacy. M2 does also have a special chat channel for foreign language speakers to communicate with each other. So if you have friends in our clan that also speaks your language, we have a place for you to do that. We do allow languages other than the ones listed, but these are our high value ones. We look forward to hearing from you, otherwise see you on the battlefield.

Contact Meadran at -28, -6

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