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6 October, 2015, 6:37 AM UTC

[XCL] Xcel is looking for new members.  We were formed on 9-27-2015 and already ranked 50.  These are the requirements:

1.  Must be active.  We take advantage of game statistics to measure each members clan activity.  You cant hide.

2.  Must be a team player.  We respect our members.  If you have a bad attitude, we can't use you.

What we have to offer:

We have experienced obelisk players withe good communication and planning skills.  We are a clean slate, so no enemies.  We have a webpage and a TEAM SPEAK server channel.  Teamwork is a focus and we don't keep our members in the dark.

Take a look at our members page or message me or one of the other Advisors for some one on one chat.  Our leader is calm and collected.  Not a drama queen who needs to be the topic of discussion.  He considers the opinion of all clan members important.  So, if you choose to come here, speak up and be heard.  We can always agree to disagree.

Competion in weekly rankings and clan activities is fostered and encouraged.  

Thanks for your consideration.  

STAR DESTROYER,  Rav4 our leader, and the rest of the Xcel Clan

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13 October, 2015, 11:44 PM UTC

We're 2 weeks old and #26 already, and have some of the heaviest hitters on the server. Come join now as we sharpen our spears and prepare for war :)

I got this PM just yesterday from a member who is one of the top 5 in the game... 

"... you are doing a great job setting up this team. This is the kind of team that I always want to be a part with. I'm glad and proud to be in this clan and willing to do anything to help this clan grows Thank you again for inviting me :)"

  • We track and recognize daily those most active, by rank, in the clan missions
  • We track and recognize all members that hit the weekly top 100 rank lists for Offense, Defense, Raids and Battlegrounds
  • We have a website...
  • We have Teamspeak for Warrior rank and above
In the works... 

  • Obelisks! When the time is right, and it will be soon, we will STRIKE!
  • Start a clan bank and award cash prizes
  • Organize a weekly raid night in teamspeak
Positions available...

  • I reserved the Envoy rank until we find a dedicated member that loves the diplomacy side of this game... if interested let me know!
  • We could use a second Spymaster, to feed us good targets during Raid Nights! Love scouting and finding hidden loot, this is the job for you!
Forty spots are still open, come join us!!

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