Aight, the game is pretty bad at calculating, please fix it...

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8 April, 2016, 8:37 PM UTC

Ever seen the message like "You don't have enough resources" when you click upgrade/build units/whatever? Look at your ale, mushrooms,fish and seems you have enough? Just reload the game and BANG you notice you really don't have enough.

This bug bugs me since pretty much forever. I don't know if goblins steal some of my resources, but i think the game is just bad at math during runtime, maybe over-estimating my production or so...  Maybe it could poll every few minutes how many resources you really have or stop stealing my stuff?

Also the "screen saver" thing like "Invite your friends" that comes up after not clicking anything for 20 seconds is annoying. And if i click that away because i was watching a video for like 30 minutes then PLEASE make the game refresh resources AND messages. Often i notice i have been raided meanwhile, but the messages don't appear unless i reload everything. I think that's not so hard to fix...
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