Upgrading Your Altar of Life Is Now Cheaper Than Ever!

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11 September, 2015, 3:06 PM UTC

Upgrading Your Altar of Life Is Now Cheaper Than Ever!

Increase the Number of Units You Can Revive For FREE!

Lord Marshal!

Whenever a Shingårdian falls, he risks being reborn as Cold Legion. In light of this, King Björn has decreed that less people are allowed to die!

He’s reduced the cost of upgrading your Altar of Life, and now you can Revive more Units than ever before - saving them from a decidedly groty fate.

The Level 1 Altar of Life will let you Revive 6% of your Units for FREE. Upgrading your Altar of Life will increase the number of Units you can restore by 2% with each upgrade Level, up to a maximum of 30%. Keep in mind that you may only use the Altar of Life to Revive Units lost in the defense of your Stronghold. If you need to Revive Units lost outside of your Stronghold, you may do so at the Black Market with Emeralds.

Upgrade the Altar of Life, and send your warriors on to fight another day!

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