New Legendary Unit Available at the Black Market!

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11 September, 2015, 10:18 AM UTC

New Legendary Unit Available at the Black Market!

Scout out your Rivals’ Strongholds to Prepare Devastating Attacks!

Lord Marshal!

A righteous new Legendary Unit has just arrived at the Black Market! The Angerunt is a powerful Scouting Unit that could sniff out what you ate for dinner last week. Send it into your rival’s Stronghold with a team of other Scouts, and they’ll return with information on the number, type, Resources, and - perhaps - even dress sizes of the opposing forces!

Each additional Scout Unit that fights alongside an Angerunt will provide an impressive bonus to its defensive espionage capabilities. You can also send this fearsome monster into Settlements - find out whether any enemy Units are hiding BEFORE you attack!

Don’t waste your time aimlessly trudging through miles of blinding blizzards! Follow your Angerunt straight to the action, and you can play Fetch-the-Skull afterward!

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