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Time Calculation Errors and Events Blanked Out

Time Calculation Errors and Events Blanked Out

Jun 28, 2018, 04:1006/28/18

Time Calculation Errors and Events Blanked Out

1. Time Errors : 

I sent Plarium so many messages regarding this "TIME ERROR" over 8 months ago!!!!  And til today you have never fixed it

When I do a raid and send units; say 100 dragons it says 44 mins. But when I send them off it is 22 mins! It is inconvenient please fix this Time Calculation Errors.

2. Events Blanked Out

Plarium now a new bug has come up again and only on NORDS... I play Soldiers and Sparta and it is not there both the Time Calculation Error and the latest "Events Blanked!: You have received many reports on this... so I do not need to go into detail... Maybe you have been hacked or what...I dunno but please fix this as NORDS is no longer playable. Specially when an event has been completed and won --- there is nothing to click!!!!

Agent AndrewTechnical Support
Jun 28, 2018, 07:5706/28/18



Please clarify if the issue is in the reflection of the wrong figures or actual travel time. I mean whether the actual travel time is shorter than you can see at first. 


Sorry for your bad experience. We have submitted all the information to the engineers for further revision. Just as you I am keen to see this matter fixed in the nearest time.

Thank you for your willingness to help. I appreciate it.