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RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.21

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.21

AnastasiaCommunity Manager
Feb 15, 2021, 13:5602/15/21

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.21

Hello, Pilots! 

Are you ready to see what Update 1.21 has in store? We have a new Mech chassis called Redox, a 2v2 Deathmatch game mode, several new maps, not to mention a few UI tweaks that make the game even prettier. Check out the Release Notes to learn more.

2v2 Deathmatch
2v2 Deathmatch is a new Quick Match mode where 2 teams of 2 players face off in a Best Out Of Three battle. The objective is to rack up more kills than the opposing team, and you have 2 minutes to do that. In general, the rules are almost identical to the classic Team Deathmatch you see in the Tournaments - the main difference lies in the number of players. Of course, that will significantly affect tactics!

We’ve designed 3 new maps specifically for 2v2 Deathmatch: Backalley, Neon Central, and Beatdown Club. These are smaller to match the reduced number of players and should provide fun, extremely dynamic combat in a cyberpunk-ish setting.

To unlock the 2v2 Deathmatch, you need to reach Division 9, earn 2400 XP and have at least 3 Mechs in your Hangar.

New Quick Match Modes
Along with the new 2v2 Deathmatch, we’re adding a classic 5v5 Deathmatch as a game mode outside of Tournaments. Reach Division 9 and 1earn 400 XP to unlock it! You also need at least 3 Mechs just like in the 2v2 Deathmatch.

We’ve made some UI changes as well. To select Deathmatch, go to the Battle Menu and tap the Switch button above the Quick Match option. A pop-up window will appear where you can see all 3 modes:

  • Control Point Clash
  • 5v5 Deathmatch (this won’t affect the Tournament leaderboard even if there is an active Tournament)
  • 2v2 Deathmatch

Tap on the desired mode, then tap on Switch. There! Now you can start the battle. All 3 Quick Match modes will reward Battle Tokens at the end of the game.

New Mech: Redox

Redox is a new Prototype Mech Chassis, available upon reaching 121 600 XP. It boasts an Energy Limit of 24(!) from the start and a Caustic Blast Ability, which unleashes a wave of chemicals to slow down and damage nearby enemies. Both status effects - freeze and damage over time - last 6 seconds, and the cooldown of this Ability equals 8 seconds.

New map: Skyship 11

Skyship 11 is a new Control Point Clash map. It departs from the classic Control Point Clash setup and has players fight for control over 3 Beacons - instead of the usual 5 - so expect heated battles in the center of the map as well as lightning-fast raids to overtake the opposing team’s home Beacon.


  • A new maintenance alert will make it easy to know when Mech Arena servers are going to be down for technical work
  • We’ve added a YouTube button to the Connection tab - check out the official Mech Arena channel for guides, lore videos, and other content
  • Spectator & Your Killer UI now display the spectated player’s avatar and the icons of their Mech & weapons

Feb 15, 2021, 21:3002/15/21

Very nicely done!!  The 2v2 Death Match, the 5v5 Death Match, the new robot and the new map are awesome!!!  Thank you!!

Sep 13, 2021, 13:4509/13/21

hey can you give me a coin 4000

Nov 2, 2021, 02:4411/02/21

can I please play the game so I can give a good commentdon't know anything about the game so I really can't give it a good comment but please can I play the game thank you