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RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.15

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.15

May 26, 2020, 15:5105/26/20

RELEASE NOTES: Update 1.15

Greetings, pilots! Update 1.15 for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is now live! This update is not the biggest one, but it definitely contains some interesting tweaks and changes. Take a moment to read through the Release Notes to see what’s new!

Tournament History

With this new feature, you can see a log of your personal ranking in all of the previous Tournaments. You can even check the ranking of your friends by tapping on their profiles! The Tournament History window will show the date of the Tournament, the Bracket that you’ve managed to reach, and your position in it.

You can access Tournament History via the Leaderboard menu in your profile.

Highest Bracket Records

By tapping on the Highest Bracket Records bar in the Tournament History window you’ll be able to see your best Tournament performances in one log. You can check the Highest Bracket Records of your friends as well!

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Tournament Ticket Visibility. Now you'll be able to see which Crates have Free Tickets. Furthermore, Free Tickets and Gold Tickets will be shown separately in the Hangar UI bar;
  • You’ll be able to see which players are online directly on the Leaderboard!
  • Minor UI/UX improvements have been made for different Tournament windows and tabs.
  • Other minor graphical changes and bug fixes.