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Release Notes: Update 1.09

Release Notes: Update 1.09

Aug 14, 2019, 11:2008/14/19

Release Notes: Update 1.09

Greeting, pilots! Update 1.09 for Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is now live! We’ve prepared several new features for you, check out the details below.

Player’s Profile Changes

Design. We’re made some adjustments to the Player Profile. You can also choose a profile avatar now!

Statistics. You can view statistics for the last 20 battles in the Battle Log tab. Also, there are several other categories added to the Profile tab:

  • Battles (Total number of battles you participated in)
  • Victory (Win rate)
  • Mechs Killed (Total number of mechs killed by you)
  • Max Damage (Most damage dealt in a single battle)
  • Mechs (Number of unlocked mechs)
  • Weapons (Number of unlocked weapons)
  • Your TOP mech (Most-used mech)

You can check the profiles of other players by tapping them in the Leaderboards tab.

Ability Changes

  • EMC Ability can hit the target through walls now
  • Juggernaut’s Personal Shield now only protects its front, the mech will still take damage if attacked from the behind
  • Juggernaut is no longer invulnerable to Stasis and Thermal effects while its Personal Shield is active

Balance Changes

  • Battle Achievements have been rebalanced. Some were removed, some were simplified
  • Brickhouse Energy Consumption is increased to 6 points

 Other Tweaks

  • A brand-new map - Mesa Verde Annex - has been added to the game
  • The design of all Battle Achievements icons has been reworked
  • The visual appearance of Ares’s Shield has been redesigned
  • Other minor graphical changes