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Release Notes: Update 1.03

Release Notes: Update 1.03

AnastasiaCommunity Manager
Dec 17, 2018, 15:4612/17/18

Release Notes: Update 1.03

Hello, pilots! We have implemented another development update, which contains a lot of cool changes. Here's what's new:


Power is the new indicator of your Chassis’, Weapons’ and Modules’ strength. Its value is based on Generation and Power Consumption of the equipment. The higher Power Consumption and Generation - the higher your Power value. Upgrading equipment also increases the Power value.

You can check the current and the MAX possible Power of each piece of equipment in the Equipment storage and in the Hangar. 

Also, we’ve added the Squad Power indicator to the Hangar menu. Squad Power is the total value of the Power stat of all mechs in the Hangar. It reflects the potential of your team. 


From now on, Chassis, Weapons, and Modules no longer have a Grade indicator. Instead, we’ve implemented Generations.

There are 5 Generations of equipment: MK I, MK II, MK III, MK IV, MK V.

The MAX and MIN level of each piece of equipment depends on its Generation. The higher Generation, the higher MAX and MIN level of a certain unity of equipment are.  

Example: The MIN level of MK II Generation Weapon is 3, and the MAX level is 12.

Note: Blueprints for upgrading your gear still have Grades. Different gear requires different Grades of Blueprints.

Mech Constructor Changes

- Mech Constructor mode has been updated. Power Rating of the mech has been added and can be viewed below the Energy Consumption rate (Chassis Power + Weapon Power + Modules Power).

- You can now compare current weapon stats against those of the weapon you want to install on the mech.

Inventory Storage Changes:

- Inventory storage has been updated. Equipment is now sorted by Generation in ascending order.

- Gear info window has been updated and redesigned.

- Weapon Spread rate has been renamed to Accuracy.

Battle Changes:

- Mechs that respawn on a Beacon or in their Home Base are now invincible for 2 seconds. This invincibility is immediately revoked if they fire a weapon even if 2 seconds have not passed yet.

- Weapon reloading animation has been changed.

Bug Fixes:

- The issue with freezing while joining a battle has been fixed.