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Pop-ups and Lost Login issue after Update

Pop-ups and Lost Login issue after Update

17 квіт. 2023, 22:5617.04.23

Pop-ups and Lost Login issue after Update


I recently went to update RAID: shadow legends on Android.

After the update finished and I started it up, The game started from the begginning tutorial intro.

Why did the update force the game to forget my login / account info ??

THAT SHOULD NOT happen when players update your game. It made me think I LOST my account with ALL my progress and work.

This issue needs to be looked into as well as the over used POP-UPS.

The pop-ups are EXTREMELY ANNOYING AND INTERFERE with the enjoyment of this game.

Every selected option(clicked icon or area) in the game gives a pop-up to buy something. Examples:

Clicking the Market area / icon shows a pop-up for buying something before seeing the market window.

Closing the pop-up for that offer brings up another pop-up to buy something.

Clicking on Portal before you even get to use the portal brings up another Pop-UP and another pop-up appears when you choose to close the portal. (This time the MINI MIX PACK).

Selecting Tavern brings up a pop up this time for FACTION ACCESSORIES pack, after closing the faction pack another pop-up offer for WARRIORS CIRCLE PACK appears.

I can mention every time a pop-up offer appears but I won't because it would take forever to type them all. I spend more time closing pop-up ads and offers instead of playing this game.

I suggest you move the pop-ups or give us a way to turn them all off. We the players want to click, use the game and play the game not pop-ups and ads. 

Why do you insist on wasting our time clicking the Close button instead of playing your game app ?

Thank you for your time,