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(Patch Notes) (15.07.2019) Update 1.9 Patch Notes

(Patch Notes) (15.07.2019) Update 1.9 Patch Notes

2 серп. 2019, 08:0002.08.19

Alambix said:

The game seems rigged.  NEVER received a legendary even with all the yellow, purple and blue Shard i have received

game is not rigged in terms of 'not giving you what you want' - click on little "i" inside summoning portal (just to the right from mystery shard icon) and you will see your chances (same for everyone).

Lets see ...

Ancient: 0,5% chance for legendary (that translates to ON AVERAGE one leg every 200 shards)

Void: 0,4 % (1 leg from 250 shards on average)

Sacred: 6% (slightly more than 1 every 17 shards on average)

Setup is for you to either spend BIG $$$ for lottery and eventually win (30$ for single sacred ...), or do not spend at all and hope for the best.

I see no point in spending little - will give you no real benefit.

When they have players spending 1-2k$ each month no matter what, there is no reason to provide better chances...
2 серп. 2019, 16:2302.08.19
So you mean that the person in the game, ( a few of my friends) have a shitload of luck because they are not paying for the game and they have 3 to 4 legendary.  They have started to play 2 days later than me.  They should buy lottery tickets!!!
7 серп. 2019, 19:3207.08.19
1 верес. 2019, 23:2201.09.19
How is that 3 of my friend received my referral code, opened it, downloaded the game (since that link sent them to the AppStore) then played for a bit and conectes the game to Facebook and Plarium, and 2 of them have legs 20+ and they don’t even appear in my referral place. Does this game work? Or is just a scam? They never played the game before btw... hope you fix this or you you lost a player, cause I don’t like scams, thanks
3 верес. 2019, 12:0403.09.19
I think there should 100% be a counter fusion for cb cuz for people who don't have a counter and even without marter or valk skull crusher would be great to be able to fuse!